VC Funding Soars 145% For Media Companies

Venture capital funding for online media climbed 145% year-over-year to $813 million. Vice Media itself had a pair of $250 million investments, but alas for poor Gigaom, which had more than $22 million in VC funding, this only led down the path to ruin.

Online Replacing Papers, TV. Is That Bad?

How the new online media landscape is changing the way the public gets its news.

News Video Skyrockets In Online Media

The use of video to cover news stories by online media sites has jumped by a third in the last year to 85%, according to a study by D S Simon Productions. Overall, all online media categories showed growth in the use of video footage except TV websites, which remained at 96% compared to 2010.

Study Questions Quality Of Local Site Traffic

On average, about 30% of the visitors to news sites don’t live in the market and about 25% of the page views are by “fly-bys” who may not visit the site for another year, if ever, according to a new study from Borrell Associates.


Local Online Media Soars In Space City

Houston’s local online scene is crowded, with several newspapers and television stations vying for a slice of an advertising pie that pulls dollars from everything from big oil to mom-and-pop shops. And ad spending in the country’s 10th largest media market is expected to rocket even higher, increasing by as much as 91% in the next four years, according to Borrell Associates.