TV Everywhere Slows, Online Video Ads Rise

TV Everywhere viewing — authenticated viewing of premium TV content on digital devices — was up 63% to 159 billion online video starts in the second quarter of 2015 over the same time period a year ago.


Study: TV Ads More Engaging Than Video Ads

A new biometric survey shows that traditional TV commercials are four times more engaging than video advertising on Facebook. Boston-based Innerscope Research used biometric monitoring, eye-tracking and traditional survey methods to measure the nonconscious and conscious reactions of 390 consumers ages 18 to 34.

Online Taking Ad Dollars From Traditional TV

The debate is over, or should be, MoffettNathanson Research’s Michael Nathanson says: Advertisers are shifting spending to online video at the expense of traditional TV programming that isn’t “essential” — meaning live sports and events, hit scripted shows, and cable shows that appeal to hard-to-reach audiences.

Facebook Buys Video Ad Platform LiveRail

Facebook is buying video ad platform LiveRail and giving it control of a network that powers advertising for high-profile publishers — online and on mobile. LiveRail delivers video ads to websites and apps for Major League Baseball, ABC, A+E Networks and Dailymotion.


ABC Pitches Disney Synergy For Turnaround

ABC plans to begin testing a new level of data-driven ad sales for its online video inventory this summer, according to the network, in the latest step by TV networks toward programmatic ad selling and buying.

Is Anyone Watching Online Video Ads?

By many estimates, more than half of online video ads are not seen, either because they are buried low on Web pages or run in tiny, easily ignored video players on those pages, or run simultaneously with other ads.


Online Video Ads Out-Price TV Spots

For 2013, the average online video ad was about double the price of a national TV commercial  — and in some cases even more than that for targeted online video.

Facebook Unveils Video Ads In News Feeds

Facebook users will begin to see video advertisements in their News Feeds, part of a new program Facebook hopes will divert billions spent on television ads into its pockets. Facebook has been testing the product, “premium video ads,” since December, but executives have been cautious about forecasting when it would arrive.


Study: Video Ads Top TV In Engagement

In keeping with digital advertising’s frequent role as a direct-response vehicle, a survey conducted by AOL Networks found that digital video ads beat out TV ads for achieving engagement goals: 58% of marketers thought digital video ads performed better than TV ads by this measure, compared with 15% who said engagement was worse for digital video ads.


Online Video Ads To Pass $4B This Year

Estimates from eMarketer indicate that U.S. digital video ad spending will hit $4.14 billion this year and will nearly double in only four years, climbing to $8.04 billion in 2016.

Most Americans Consume Online Video Ads

Video ads reached 53% of the total U.S. population an average of 70 times in December, according to comScore. Overall, U.S. consumers viewed 11.3 billion video ads in December, with Google Sites — such as YouTube — ranking first with nearly 2 billion ads.

Facebook To Bring Video Ads To News Feed

Facebook is set to unveil video ads in the first half of next year in its largest attempt to attract big swaths of ad dollars from TV advertisers.

Users Accept More Online Video Ads

Building Audiences With Online Video Ads

A new white paper produced by video ad technology provider Mixpo describes how broadcasters and cable can use online video ads to build audience awareness and increase viewership. The findings […]