Video Rolling Toward TV Measurement

Programmatic video advertising platform BrightRoll today announced a strategic partnership with Nielsen. Through the partnership, BrightRoll will integrate Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings into its console, providing new measurements and analytics to BrightRoll customers. The purpose of the ratings are to provide online video advertisers with TV-like measurement.

New Nielsen Effort Combines TV, Web Data

Nielsen’s been fairly busy attempting to connect the dots between TV and online advertising. Today, the research firm is announcing Nielsen Online Audience Segments-TV Viewing, a program that’s designed to let a brand target online consumers based on their television and Web-viewing habits.

Nielsen, Tremor Bring TV Metrics To Online

In another nod to video’s increasing currency, Nielsen and ad network Tremor Video are teaming up to expand their respective footprints. Per the partnership, Tremor’s VideoHub customers will be granted access to Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings’ gross rating points via VideoHub for Advertisers.