PTC Changes Name To Reflect Rise In Streaming

PTC Cites Hulu Fare In Advertiser Advisory

What Hollywood (And Washington) Needs To Resolve To Change For Families In 2021

PTC Marks 25 Years Of Advocacy By Recognizing Best And Worst TV Advertisers Of Past 25 Years

PTC Calls On Netflix CEO To Remove ‘365 Days’

The Parents Television Council is calling on Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to personally intervene and remove the film 365 Days, which it says glamorizes sex trafficking, rape and kidnapping, from its streaming service. A sequel is reportedly in the works. “At a time when our nation is enmeshed in a dialogue about eliminating vestiges of slavery and oppression […]

PTC Asks Broadcasters To Bring Back Family Hour Programming Block

PTC: HBO Should Stream ‘Sesame Street’ Free To Homebound Kids

PTC Highlights 2019’s Best & Worst TV Advertisers

The Parents Television Council today announced the Best and Worst TV Advertisers, its annual list of companies that support programming that it deems safe for families, and those who sponsor some of the most explicit TV programs. “Advertisers are the lifeblood of TV programs, and the kind of content they sponsor matters greatly. Our recent research has […]

PTC: TV Ratings Fail To Reflect ‘Content Creep’

PTC’s Best & Worst New Shows Of 2019-20

PTC Pans Comic-Themed Broadcast Shows

PTC: Netflix Smoking Ban In Kid-Rated Fare Is Only Baby Step

PTC Issues Warning Over HBO’s ‘Euphoria’

The Parents Television Council today issued what it called an “urgent warning to parents” ahead of the premiere of HBO’s teen-targeted Euphoria on Sunday, June 16. “Just as MTV did with Skins and as Netflix is doing with 13 Reasons Why, HBO, with its new high school-centered show Euphoria, appears to be overtly, intentionally, marketing extremely graphic […]

PTC To Netflix Board: You Are Accountable For Keeping ’13 Reasons Why’

PTC Asks Netflix To Justify Keeping ’13 Reasons Why’

PTC Challenges Industry Groups On TV Content Ratings

PTC Urges FCC To Update TV Content Ratings

PTC Picks Its Best, Worst TV Sponsors

The watchdog group releases its annual list in time for holiday shopping.

PTC Ranks Best And Worst TV Advertisers

Today, the Parents Television Council released its annual list of “Best and Worst TV Advertisers,” which catalogues companies based on the television content they chose to underwrite with their media dollars over the past year.


PTC Seeks Indecency Fine For ‘The Mick’

The watchdog group takes 3,000 complaints to the FCC about the Fox show’s April 25 episode centered on breast implants.

PTC Urges Indecency Inquiry On ‘The Mick’

The watchdog group says this Tuesday’s episode of the Fox sitcom, which centered on 17-year-old Sabrina and her desire to get breast implants, included graphic sexual dialogue and double-entendres.

PTC To ‘SNL’: Be Mindful Of Early West Coast Airing

PTC Calls Out T-Mobile For Sponsoring ‘The Mick’

The Parents Television Council said today it has contacted T-Mobile to urge the company to reconsider sponsoring Fox’s The Mick, a new sitcom that PTC says “routinely features minors smoking, drinking, swearing and having sex.” T-Mobile has advertised in six out of nine episodes, which aired as early as 7:30 p.m. in half the country. “We […]

PTC Decries ‘Dark, Violent’ Promos In Super Bowl

PTC Outlines Its Priorities For New FCC

The Parents Television Council today called on the Congress, the FCC and the incoming Trump administration to move swiftly on four key FCC-related issues in order to serve the needs of children and families. “With the new presidential administration will come a new FCC and a new communication policy agenda. No doubt there will be considerable scrutiny […]

PTC Hits ‘Brutally Explicit’ ‘Walking Dead’ Premiere

PTC Throws Its Support Behind Fox’s ‘Pitch’

The Parents Television Council is urging Fox to consider moving its new sports drama, Pitch, to a different day and time to help ensure the show’s success.  PTC is also reaching out to advertisers to encourage support for the show. “We are urging Fox to ensure that Pitch hits a home run with families by airing it […]

Advertisers Pull Out Of VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’

Parents Television Council has successfully convinced dozens of advertisers to pull out of VH1’s Dating Naked. The show, which is exactly what the title implies, has a 14+ rating, meaning 14 year-olds can watch it. To the PTC, that’s appalling considering the show’s cast members are all cavorting about nude — with heavy pixelation of their private parts.

PTC Meets With MPAA’s Dodd On TV Ratings Reform

Groups To FCC: Overhaul TV Content Ratings

Led by the Parents Television Council, the 28-member group asks the commission to reviewthe woefully-ineffective TV Content Ratings System, which is failing to protect children from harmful and explicit TV content on both broadcast and cable television.” It also launched a petition calling for reform.

PTC Urges Sen. Dodd To ‘Fix’ TV Content Ratings

PTC OK With Charter-TWC Merger

PTC Blasts ABC’s ‘The Real O’Neals’

The Parents Television Council says that the first three episodes of ABC’s new show, The Real O’Neals, “were so saturated with adult content that sexual content and bleeped profanities aired every 43 seconds,” adding that “despite that it was rated TV-PG and aired as early as 7:30 p.m. in half the country.” Of the adult-themed […]

PTC Blasts ABC’s Drama ‘Of Kings And Prophets’

PTC Concerned About ABC’s ‘Of Kings And Prophets’

PTC: PG-Rated TV Shows Dropped In 2011-14

On the heels of the highly-watched, family-friendly special broadcast of NBC’s The Wiz Live, the Parents Television Council is renewing its call for broadcasters to program for families throughout the year and not only during the holidays. According to new PTC data, there were 11.5 fewer hours of TV-PG primetime broadcast programming during a two-week study period in 2014 than in 2011, representing an almost 20% decrease.

PTC Lists Best And Worst TV Advertisers

The Parents Television Council released its annual list of “Best and Worst TV Advertisers,” which catalogs companies based on the television content they chose to underwrite with their media dollars over the past year.

PTC Urges FX Network To Move To Premium Tier

PTC Trashes McDonald’s For ‘Scream Queens’

Parents Television Council President Tim Winter wants Scream Queens off the air — or at least stripped of ad dollars from big-time sponsor McDonald’s. Winter said the Ryan Murphy program’s “very concerning content” is not appropriate for even its TV-14 rating — and he is disgusted by the fact that Fox debuted the series at 8 p.m. ET, which made for a 7 o’clock Central Time premiere.

PTC Criticizes ‘Mr. Robot’ Finale Suicide, Rating