PTC Blasts FX For ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Graphic Sex

PTC Lists Best And Worst TV Advertisers

Today, the Parents Television Council released its annual list of “Best and Worst TV Advertisers,” which catalogues companies based on the television content they chose to underwrite with their media dollars over the past year.

Rape Joke On Fox Cartoons Draws Attention

NEW YORK (AP) — The Fox network isn’t responding to suggestions that it edit its upcoming crossover episode of “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” to remove a joke where the punch line is “your sister’s being raped.” The line appears in Sunday’s much-awaited special where Bart Simpson and his family hang around with Stewie and […]

PTC: There Are Too Many Naked People On TV

PTC Criticizes ‘VMA’ Portrayals Of Women

After the Parents Television Council urged MTV to avoid a repeat of last year’s twerk-heavy Miley Cyrus performance at this year’s Video Music Awards, the family-values watchdog group seemed mostly pleased with Sunday night’s less explicit content. But the PTC did express concerns about the way women were portrayed during the show and the inconsistency of featuring positive messages mixed with scantily clad dancers.

PTC Urges MTV Not To Repeat ‘MileyGate’

In a letter from PTC president Tim Winter to Janet Borelli, SVP standards and practices at MTV Networks/Viacom Media Networks, and copied to the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board, the watchdog group urges the network to avoid a repeat of last year’s “sexually charged and otherwise inappropriate content” that included a performance by Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.

PTC Scolds McDonald’s Over ‘Dating Naked’

The watchdog group condemns the fast-food chain’s sponsorship of the VH1 program and recommends patronizing Wendy’s as an alternative “until McDonald’s returns to being a responsible advertiser.”

PTC Urges Sanctions Against ‘Reckless’

The group says scenes in the June 29 show at 9/8 p.m. ET/CT “constitute a violation of the broadcast indecency law due to the patently offensive sexual content airing when children are likely to be in the audience. It is even more troubling that CBS chose to rate the episode as appropriate for 14-year-old children.”

PTC Ranks Explict, Violent Show Sponsors

Parents Television Council President Tim Winter: “Today we call for greater responsibility by the corporations whose media dollars underwrite some of the most harmful material on broadcast television. These companies have sponsored programs that routinely deliver explicit content.”

PTC Slams TV-14 Rating Of ‘Following’ Ep

The Parents Television Council is calling out Fox Broadcasting for rating an episode of The Following that showed a young woman having her throat brutally and graphically slit open as appropriate for children as young as 14. The episode aired as early as 8 p.m. C/MT and was given a TV-14 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) rating instead of what PTC feels would have been a more appropriate TV-MA (Mature Audience Only) rating.

PTC: CW’s Uncensored ‘Reign’ Scenes ‘Appalling’

PTC Responds To Critical NY Daily News Column

Parents Television Council Blasts ‘Adult Swim’

PTC Blasts Jan. 14 Episode Of ‘Dads’

The watchdog group is urging its members to submit indecency complaints against the Fox comedy for an episode it says featured”an implied depiction of and references to semen, and references to masturbation.”

PTC Wants TV, Film Ratings Systems Overhaul

The Parents Television Council took aim at the television and movie industries on Wednesday, calling for a complete overhaul of the industries’ ratings systems and blasting the industries’ lack of progress in reducing media violence.

PTC Study: Broadcast TV Underrates Violence

Scenes of stabbings, shootings, rape, decapitation and mutilation invariably received a TV-14 “parents strongly cautioned” rating on network TV, according to the Parents Television Council study released today. But similar fare on cable typically was given the most stringent label, TV-MA for mature audiences only, researchers for the media watchdog group found.

PTC Ranks ‘Best,’ ‘Worst’ TV Advertisers

The Parents Television Council has released its annual Best and Worst TV Advertisers List, which focuses on companies that sponsor more family-friendly TV programming and those that do not. This year’s list with a “twist” ranks the best and worst advertisers by brand category rather than just by the corporate parent as the PTC’s past lists have done.

PTC Blasts Fox’s ‘Family Guy’ Again

The FCC will likely get a mess of complaints about the Nov. 10 episode of Fox’s animated Seth MacFarlane comedy Family Guy after the Parents Television Council encouraged members today to to file broadcast indecency complaints with the commission. PTC says it sprang into action because the episode contained explicit jokes about rape, molestation, sexual exploitation of children — and the “sexualized use of food and perverse ‘internal defrosting’ of frozen hot dogs.”

PTC Praises MTV For Censoring Cyrus Smoking

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Creator Reacts To PTC Outrage

PTC: Stop Smut On Fox’s ‘ADHD’

The watchdog group thinks Fox’s raunchy new “Animation Domination Hi-Def” is a long way from funny.

PTC Blasts Sexual Exploitation Of Girls On TV

The advocacy group claims scenes of exploitation in primetime are more likely to be be played for laughs when they involve underage girls.

PTC: Pixilated TV Nudity On The Rise

Shows like The Bachelor and Betty White’s Off Their Rockers are blurring the lines of what’s acceptable to show on primetime broadcast TV, argues a new study from the Parents Television Council. Based on findings between Jan. 1 and April 26, the PTC concluded “that blurred or pixilated full nudity is increasingly being shown on primetime broadcast television shows, and that almost 70% of this type of nudity is being shown on TV-PG rated programs.”

PTC, MIM Press Congress Over Indecency

Angry about a proposal to relax the FCC’s rules regulating indecent content on broadcast television and radio, the Parents Television Council and Morality in Media are pressing Congress to stop the regulatory agency in its tracks.

PTC Launches ‘#NoIndecencyFCC’ Week

The watchdog group’s president, Tim Winter: “We are focusing on #NoIndecencyFCC to let the FCC know that we consider its proposal to limit broadcast indecency complaints extremely troublesome,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “Only pursuing so-called ‘egregious’ complaints from the public about indecent TV or radio content will lead to broadcasters pushing the decency limits even further — including the airing of nudity or harsh profanity when millions of children are in the audience,” he said.

Report Shows Persistence Of TV Violence

A study by the Parents Television Council of 392 primetime scripted programs on broadcast networks shown during the month following Vice President Joe Biden’s January meeting with entertainment industry executives on the topic revealed that 193 had some incident of violence.

PTC Slams Fox’s ‘American Dad’ Episode

The group says the April 14 episode violated the broadcast decency law and calls on its members to file formal FCC complaints. “Every Fox affiliate that aired this American Dad episode should be held accountable for violating the law,” says the group’s president, Tim Winter.

PTC Study Tracks Violence In Primetime

The Parents Television Council released data on media violence collected from all primetime broadcast programs that aired between Jan. 11 and Feb. 11, following Vice President Joe Biden’s meeting with the industry in January. During the one-month study period, of the 392 shows examined, 193, nearly half, contained violence; 121, almost a third, contained violence and guns.

Seth MacFarlane Slammed by PTC

PTC Attacks ABC Over ‘Scandal’ Torture

The debate over violence on TV is heating up, with the Parents Television Council attacking ABC for a “graphic and disturbing” torture scene on the political drama Scandal.

PTC Blasts Kathy Griffin’s CNN Shenanigans

PTC Targets ‘Walking Dead’ Over Violence

Watch out zombies, the Parents Television Council is coming for you. The PTC is targeting AMC’s The Walking Dead over the drama’s violent content. The PTC is taking issue with The Walking Dead‘s rating, TV-14, claiming the violence depicted is too much for the rating given.

New PTC PSA Fights Sexualization Of Girls

The Parents Television Council has launched a new public service campaign entitled “4 Every Girl” to combat the sexualization of girls by “advocating for a media environment where young girls are honored, valued and represented by healthy, respectful images.” The PTC is rolling out the project with a dedicated website,; and with a public service […]

PTC: Implied Nudity Increases On Broadcast TV

NEW YORK — A watchdog group says broadcast television is implying a lot more nudity in primetime than it used to. The Parents Television Council said Monday that its researchers found 76 instances where a person appeared nude, with private parts obscured, in prime time last season. It happened on 37 different shows. The group […]

PTC Urges ‘America’s Got Talent’ Boycott

The television watchdog group has urged advertisers to boycott hit TV show America’s Got Talent, saying the addition of shock jock Howard Stern to the panel of judges will “likely result in a sharp increase in explicit content.”

ABC’s ‘Apt 23’ Draws PTC’s Ire

The watchdog organization dubs the freshman comedy a “sexist mixed-bag of hedonism” and is holding advertisers AT&T and Volkswagen accountable.

PTC Study Uncovers Anatomy Of A Trend

According to the Parents Television Council, words describing male and female anatomy are being used much more frequently now on broadcast shows like 2 Broke Girls and 30 Rock.

PTC’s Latest Target Is MTV’s ‘Pants Back’

I Just Want My Pants Back is a relationship comedy with a cast in their 20s. PTC says its going after the show’s sponsors because MTV is targeting 12-year-old children with the show’s risque content.

Howard Stern Responds To PTC’s Concerns

PTC Shines Spotlight On MTV’s Reality Shows

The watchdog group’s new study, “Reality on MTV: Gender Portrayals on MTV Reality Programming” is based on a content analysis of the most popular primetime cable reality shows among children and teens ages 12 to 17 during the 2011 TV season. “Teen-targeted reality TV is doing little more than ’empowering’ young girls to be overly negative,” said PTC President Tim Winter.