Lawo: Evertz Legal Claims Are Unfounded

In response to Evertz’s recent press release about its patent infringement suit against Lawo, Lawo strongly denies any infringement of patents as alleged by Evertz and believes that the allegedly infringed patents are invalid. The Evertz lawsuit asserts that Lawo infringes seven patents relating to Evertz’ internet protocol-based video routing and switching technology and multi-image […]

Dish Slaps Univision With Patents Suit

Dish Network, which has blacked out several Univision-run channels after failing to reach a new distribution deal with the programmer, has lobbed a lawsuit at Univision claiming that the Spanish-language broadcaster is infringing a batch of patents tied to adaptive bit-rate streaming.

No End In Sight For TiVo-Comcast Fight

In another sign that TiVo/Rovi is prepared to go to the mat in its legal fight with Comcast, the company has fired off another lawsuit against the MSO, alleging that Comcast is infringing on eight patents.

TiVo Settles DVR Patent Suit Against Samsung

Samsung no longer has to fear a patent infringement suit from TiVo: The DVR pioneer — recently bought by Rovi, which changed its name — announced a “broad intellectual property license” with Samsung that includes a stay of their litigation “upon satisfaction of certain conditions.”

TiVo Suing Samsung Over DVR Tech Patent

TiVo is heading back to court, this time with a patent infringement suit against Samsung. Its DVRs improperly use TiVo’s processes that enable viewers to watch one show while recording another, the company says. Over the last few years TiVo prevailed in a series of suits and settlements with Google, Cisco, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, Verizon and Dish Network.

OpenTV Accuses Apple Of Patent Infringement