Comcast, TiVo End 4-Year Patent Fight

New TiVo parent company Xperi Holdings reaches a retroactive IP licensing deal with the cable giant that runs from 2016 to 2031.


Stakes Run High For Tivo In Comcast Suit

TiVo Hits Comcast With More Patent Lawsuits

TiVo Corp. has again sued Comcast, charging the cable operator of using its patented interactive programing technology without authorization, the latest salvo in the companies’ long-running royalty dispute.

Comcast Exploring Patent Ruling Workaround

TiVo Wins Set-Top Patent Case Against Comcast

SCOTUS Rejects Samsung Appeal In Apple Case

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has rejected Samsung’s appeal of court rulings that it impermissibly copied features of Apple’s iPhone. The justices on Monday left in place rulings in favor of Apple involving its patents for smartphone features that include auto-correct and a slide that unlocks the device. In 2014, a jury awarded Apple […]

Motorola Mobility Says It Has Settled With TiVo

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Motorola Mobility said Thursday that it has reached a settlement with digital video recording pioneer TiVo Inc. ahead of a patent trial that was to start in a Texas court next week. “We’re pleased that all parties involved have reached an agreement to resolve pending litigation,” Motorola Mobility spokesman William Moss […]

Red Digital Sues Sony Over Camera Patents

In a federal court filing, high-tech camera manufacturer Red Digital claims that three cameras made by Sony Electronics and Sony Corp. of America “all embody the subject matter claimed in Red’s asserted patents without any license.”

OpenTV Owner Slaps Netflix With Patent Lawsuit

Tech Rivals Push Copycats Battle To The Hill

It’s one thing to undercut your competition by price — but Washington is starting to worry that Apple, Google, Microsoft and other firms are going too far when they actually try to block rivals from selling their products at all. It’s a fight for supremacy in the marketplace — waged using patents as weapons.

Bravo Sued Over Foodie Website

TiVo Adds Cisco To Lawsuit List

TiVo Says TWC Infringed On Its DVR Patents

TiVo’s business model seems to be based on suing companies for selling DVRs that allegedly use its patented processes to do things that users take for granted such as watching one show while recording another. And today it challenged a formidable opponent: Time Warner Cable, which has 12 million subs, is the No. 2 cable company and No. 4 pay TV provider.

TiVo And Microsoft Drop Patent Suits

TiVo, AT&T Settle Patent Suit For $215M

TiVo and AT&T have settled a patent lawsuit that was to start trial next week, the parties confirmed. Under the terms of the settlement, AT&T agreed to pay TiVo an initial payment of $51 million, followed by quarterly guaranteed payments through June 2018, totaling $164 million — which together yield minimum payments of $215 million.