The 21 Most Anticipated New Scripted TV Shows Coming In 2021

From reboots and sequels to Oscar, Emmy and Tony winners fronting high-profile new streaming shows, The Hollywood Reporter surveys the programming that will be the talk of the town in the year ahead.


Has Peak TV Already Peaked?

Competing with the Trump era’s deranged reality show, American television has a million viewing options and a lot less worth watching.

Peak TV: Scripted Originals Top 500

In FX’s annual update on the state of scripted, total volume came in at 532 originals in 2019, up 7% year-over-year.

The Best TV Shows Of The 2010s

The era of “Peak TV” marked a fundamental shift in what we watch, where we watch it, and what the medium is capable of intellectually.

Is This The Year That TV Broke TV?

Television, already bursting at the seams with peak programming and lots of filler, finally blew apart this year, fragmenting into a dizzying constellation of nearly 500 new original series and destinations we’ve yet to explore (the forthcoming launch of subscription streaming services from Apple, Warner Media, Disney and, yes, Costco and Walmart), plus a whole lot of space debris that includes “Terrence Howard’s Fright Club,” a Fox Nation cooking show and 98% of the offerings on YouTube TV.

455 Scripted Series Aired In ’16, Up 8%

FX released its annual (unofficial) Peak TV study on today and, after crunching the numbers, determined that a staggering 455 scripted original series aired across broadcast, cable, and streaming sources in 2016. That’s an 8% uptick over 2015’s 421 and a 71% increase vs. five years ago (266 in 2011).

NATPE 2016

Debating The Pros And Cons Of Peak TV

How much TV is too much TV? A group of senior network and studio execs parsed that question and the impact of the scripted series boom Tuesday morning at the opening session of the NATPE conference.