ADTH And Tolka Awarded First Certification As NextGen TV Upgrade Accessory Receiver

Atlanta DTH (ADTH) says it will be the first vendor to produce officially certified NextGen TV upgrade accessory receivers. The ADTH NextGen TV Box is powered by Tolka ATSC 3 Stack. Working in collaboration with Pearl TV’s FastTrack program, Tolka Telecommunications Corp. ensured that the ADTH NextGen TV Box met the requirements of the Consumer Technology […]

NAB Show: Triveni Digital Introduces ATSC 3.0 Test and Measurement Products With NextGen TV Broadcast Decryption

Triveni Digital and Pearl TV on Sunday introduced Triveni’s StreamScope XM Analyzer and Monitor, what they call “the industry’s first test and measurement products to support the NextGen TV decryption protocols.” Using the new decryption functionality on StreamScope XM, broadcasters can transmit encrypted content in the ATSC 3.0 environment to better understand who their subscribers […]


For Pearl TV’s Anne Schelle, NextGen Coalition Is Built On Belief

Anne Schelle is managing director of the Pearl TV consortium and recipient of TVNewsCheck’s Women in Technology Leadership Award, the publication’s highest honor. She earned it through her tenacity and faith in the ATSC 3.0 standard as broadcasting’s crucial way forward.


For NextGen TV, Cheaper Receivers, Bigger Markets And More HDR Are Next

ATSC 3.0 has hit a sludgy stretch of path toward its end goal of broad U.S. adoption and providing new content services. It will take many hands — a potential FCC task force, station group cooperation and an elongated pipeline for receivers included — to get the standard’s implementation flying again.

Tolka Enters NextGen TV Upgrade Accessory Device Certification Program

Tolka has become the first ATSC 3.0 software vendor to power devices that have entered the certification process to use the NextGen TV trademark. These devices are for consumers interested in upgrading their current televisions to watch NextGen TV broadcasts, the free, over-the-air service that is available to more than half of American homes. Working […]


Pearl TV’s Anne Schelle To Receive TVN’s Women In Technology Leadership Award

Anne Schelle, managing director of the Pearl TV consortium, will receive the highest honor in TVNewsCheck’s Women in Technology Awards for her tireless efforts to rally the broadcast industry around the ATSC 3.0 standard while convincing manufacturers to produce compatible sets. She’ll receive her award at the NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 18 at 6 p.m.

Six Stations Launch NextGen TV In Boston

WUNI, WCVB, WFXT, WGBH, WBZ and WBTS are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.


In A Gadget-Light Year, CES Pitches A Connected, Mobile World

Broadcasters kept their focus largely on a NextGen TV narrative headed into this week’s CES in Las Vegas, where around 100,000 attendees are expected. Sinclair is discussing its own flurry of ATSC 3.0 developments, while the demise of pay TV service Evoca was one setback in the NextGen saga.

Six Stations Launch NextGen TV In New Orleans

WUPL, WWL, WVUE, WDSU, WGNO and WNOL are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.


Immersive Audio Still A Work In Progress For NextGen TV

Most of ATSC 3.0’s audio delay in the U.S. is attributable to the same factors that have held back the rollout of UHD content: there is still a small base of NextGen TV-capable sets; the distribution chain from networks to stations is not fully ready for new formats; and broadcasters are somewhat hamstrung in experimenting with their 3.0 content because of FCC rules that require them to effectively simulcast their 1.0 programming. But despite that, progress is being made.

Pearl TV Adds Digital Monetization Capabilities To NextGen TV

Its new TV web platform, RUN3TV, adds server-side ad insertion functionality and adtech platform integrations.

New Pearl TV Program Lets Consumers Upgrade TV Sets To Receive NextGen TV

Consumers will gain expanded access to affordable accessory devices that will bring NextGen TV service to sets not equipped with ATSC 3.0 tuners.

TVN’S TV2025

NextGen Rollout Challenged By Spectrum Constraints

The early consumer experience of NextGen TV has been hampered by government regulations that make it hard for viewers to differentiate the new services from the legacy ATSC 1.0 programming already delivered over-the-air, according to broadcasters. Capacity is tight for both the 3.0 and 1.0 broadcasts, and broadcasters are aggressively using video compression to make it all work. L-r: E.W. Scripps’ Kerry Oslund, Pearl TV’s Anne Schelle, Fincons Group’s Francesco Moretti and ATSC’s Madeleine Noland (Alyssa Wesley photo).

Pearl TV Moves To Ramp Up NextGen TV Monetization Opportunities

The Pearl TV coalition today announced two steps it is taking to help TV broadcasters realize more of the monetization potential of ATSC 3.0 — one related to advertising and the other aimed at increasing the number of TV viewers who can watch NextGen TV.

NextGen TV Expands To Android TV Marketplace

Pearl TV and iWedia have launched a fast-track program that adds new ATSC 3.0 A/344 interactive features and streamlines the adoption of NextTV by Android TV device makers.

Auton Clocks New Connected Car Achievements With ATSC 3.0 Standard

Pearl TV, a coalition of U.S. broadcasters transitioning to NextGen TV, today announced new field test data with Auton performed at the Motown 3.0 Open Test Track in Detroit that demonstrated how robust the transport layer and software applications of the ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV standard are in non-real time data delivery of streaming video […]

Broadcasters Ask FCC to Dismiss Cable ATSC 3.0 Concerns

Pearl TV, the consortium of TV stations advancing NextGen TV, took aim at cable operators in a meeting with FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington. That is according to a FCC document on the meeting. Pearl TV was pitching a National Association of Broadcasters petition to clarify the application of the FCC’s ATSC 3.0 (NextGen TV) rules to multicast streams. Those are […]

Broadcasters Launch Run3TV Platform Bringing Interactivity To NextGen TV

Pearl TV, a coalition of U.S broadcasting companies making the transition to NextGenTV, said it launched Run3TV, a web platform that brings interactivity and other streaming content to over the air viewers.


Vendors Eager For ‘Reimagined’ NAB Show

With attendance predicted at around 60,000 with nearly 1,000 vendors, the NAB Show in Las Vegas next week will likely be down from its pre-pandemic numbers. However, vendors say that a more focused, less congested show might not be a bad thing.

DigiCAP, LG Electronics & Pearl TV Conduct First Public Test Of US Automotive Mobile NRT Data Handoff Between Two ATSC 3.0 Stations

In a test car, LG Electronics installed a system to receive and display ATSC 3.0 signals on a rear-seat entertainment TV. As the car traveled between the signal coverage of WKAR Lansing, Mich., and WMYD Detroit, the NRT handoff technology succeeded in keeping a steady TV signal on the receiver.

Pearl: 3.0 Will Be Delayed By Coronavirus

Ongoing impacts from COVID-19 could mean broadcasters won’t hit their goal of launching ATSC 3.0 in 40 markets this year, according to Pearl TV’s Anne Schelle. The broadcasting group’s managing director commented as part of a remote panel at a virtual IABM conference and discussed the pandemic’s effects on ATSC 3.0 rollout plans. Coming out of CES in January 2020, she said, the industry was in a good position to launch ATSC 3.0 in 40 markets this year, including multiple new TV models with built-in support for the new over-the-air broadcasting standard. But the pandemic has essentially delayed plans by about a quarter compared to where it should be at this point.


TVN Tech | 2020 Vision: IP, Cloud, 3.0, 5G Come Into Focus

Next year should see broadcasters making advances in the continuing move to IP, greater use of cloud platforms and significant progress for two new wireless technologies: ATSC 3.0 and the various 5G services being rolled out by wireless carriers. Above, a Sony camcorder and prototype 5G transmitter were used to test camera backhauls over Verizon’s 5G network during a recent NBC NFL broadcast.

Harmonic Joins Industry-First 3.0 Test Bed

Its software-based media processing solution will work with Pearl TV and others in the first collaborative effort to deliver ATSC 3.0 in Phoenix.

Sony, Pearl TV Partner On 3.0 Program Guide

Sony and Pearl TV, a consortium of companies pushing the ATSC 3.0 next-gen TV standards, are co-developing a new, more responsive on-screen program guide. The new program guide is being developed as part of Pearl TV’s ATSC 3.0 model market project in Phoenix.

DMA 11

Pearl Group To Demo 3.0 In Phoenix In 2018

Anticipating FCC authorization of the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard on Thursday, the consortium of leading station groups is planning to set up experimental 3.0 station next spring to explore service enhancement and business opportunities. The project will also include creatng a “lighthouse” station to continue regular digital service to existing sets. Joining Pearl (Cox Media, E.W. Scripps, Graham, Hearst, Meredith, Nexstar, Raycom and Tegna) in the effort will be Fox, NBCUniversal and Univision.


Details Surface On 3.0 Audio Watermark Test

The Pearl TV business alliance of eight major broadcast groups; Fox; NBC’s WVIT Hartford, Conn.; Univision; and Verance are working together on a test of the software company’s audio watermark as part of their existing ATSC 1.0 transmissions. The 3.0 audio watermark is compatible and in 3.0, it will enable “the foundational data protocol that triggers … interactivity, personalization and even advanced emergency alerting” on ATSC 3.0 receivers, the parties say.


3.0 Watermark Test Is Foundation For Future

Television broadcasters around the country today are testing the ATSC 3.0 audio watermark as part of their ATSC 1.0 (A/53) transmission. Not only are the tests aimed at offering them greater insight into who is watching and how internet-connected TV services are used by viewers, but they also offer the chance for participating broadcasters to come out of the chutes running once the next-gen TV standard is finalized and approved by the FCC. Above, NAB’s So Vang at an ATSC 3.0 interactivity demo at the 2016 NAB Show.


FCC’s 3.0 Rulemaking Notice Draws Praise

Lotame Builds TV Data Management Platform

Lotame, a data management platform (DMP), is expanding to TV, with what it says is the first-to-market TV DMP. Lotame has been testing its new DMP with Pearl TV, a organization developing digital media and wireless platforms for  TV station groups.

Pearl, Sinclair Offer ATSC 3.0 Planning Guide

“ATSC 3.0 is rounding third base and heading into the home stretch,” says Anne Schelle, managing director of Pearl TV, a consortium of leading station groups that backs 3.0 and commissioned the guide that spells out how stations can efficiently make the move to the next-gen transmission standard.


Schelle: 3.0 Can Be Local TV’s Silver Bullet

The IP foundation of next-gen transmission standard ATSC 3.0 means the new standard will make it easier for broadcasters to distribute content across multiple devices, according to Anne Schelle, managing director of Pearl TV. She says it will also allow targeted advertising, improved emergency warning capabilities and other advantages.