TN Court Reverses Order For WTVF Reporter

The Tennessee Court of Appeals has reversed an order that would have required a WTVF Nashville reporter Phil Williams to turn over investigative documents to District Attorney General Glenn Funk.


WTVF Reporter, Scripps Sued Over News Story


New Wrinkle In WTVF Defamation Decision

Reporter Phil Williams did not defame Judge Daniel Eisenstein in two reports looking into the General Sessions judge. But in one broadcast, he may have cast the judge in a “false light” by suggesting he lied to the U.S. Department of Justice. Those conclusions, issued recently by the Tennessee Court of Appeals, could send one or more of Eisenstein’s claims back to trial. Both sides will likely appeal the case to the state Supreme Court within the next two months.

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Judge Sues WTVF Reporter Over ‘Retaliatory’ Story