Company Linked To A Large ‘Pink Slime’ Network Is Being Hired By Big Publishers Like Gannett

The largest newspaper chain in the United States has an ongoing business relationship with Metric Media, a company linked to a sprawling network of over a thousand “pink slime” publications — sites that profess to be local but have no local staff and do not disclose funding they’ve received from political sources.

ABC Settles ‘Pink Slime’ Defamation Suit

ABC News has reached a settlement with a South Dakota meat producer that filed a $1.9-billion lawsuit against the network over its reports on the company’s lean, finely textured beef product that critics dubbed “pink slime,” the TV network said Wednesday, adding that the terms of the deal are confidential.

ABC "Pink Slime" Trial Opens With Attacks

The highly anticipated proceeding gets underway with Beef Products Inc. telling jurors that the broadcaster killed much of its business with a series of reports in March 2012.

Judge Won’t Throw Out ABC ‘Pink Slime’ Suit

Beef Products Inc. has sued the network for defamation, seeking $1.2 billion in damages, after it claims ABC’s coverage led to the closure of three plants and roughly 700 layoffs by misleading consumers that the finely textured meat product is unsafe.

ABC News Wants ‘Pink Slime’ Suit Dismissed

Lawyers for ABC News asked a South Dakota circuit court judge to dismiss a $1.2 billion defamation lawsuit against it over coverage of a beef product dubbed by critics as “pink slime,” as the news outlet stood by its reports and cited free speech protections.

Setback For ABC News In ‘Pink Slime’ Suit

A federal judge resists the network’s urging to analyze the merits of claims and instead throws it to a state court for further examination.

ABC Hit With Another Pink Slime Lawsuit

A former worker at Beef Products Inc. is suing ABC News, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and a food blogger for $70,000, claiming they knowingly and recklessly made untrue statements about BPI’s finely textured beef product during newscasts.

Judge Bows Out Of Pink Slime, ABC Lawsuit

Federal judge Lawrence L. Piersol recused himself from hearing the defamation lawsuit filed by South Dakota-based Beef Products Inc. against ABC because his daughter-in-law works as a producer on Good Morning America.

ABC News Wants ‘Pink Slime’ Suit Dismissed

ABC News and several on air staffers filed a motion yesterday to dismiss claims brought by two companies over the network’s coverage of finely textured beef, referred to as “pink slime.” Beef Products Inc. is seeking $1.2 billion in damages for roughly 200 “false and misleading and defamatory” statements.

ABC News Sued Over ‘Pink Slime’ Reports

Beef Products Inc. is seeking $1.2 billion in damages for what it claims are roughly 200 “false and misleading and defamatory” statements about the product officially known as lean, finely textured beef.