News On Social Beyond Facebook, Twitter

Although most people do not go to Facebook intentionally seeking their news, it’s inevitable that the average user will stumble upon an article. Whether it’s credible or fake, that’s another story. So the value of news stations and journalists using Facebook to reach viewers is obviously invaluable. But what about other non-newsy social media? Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest should not be ignored.

Pinterest Rolls Out Search Ads

Pinterest has 150 million monthly users, many of whom visit the platform to search for ideas (there are 2 billion searches a month). So after a testing period, it’s widely rolling out search ads that will be sold by digital auction on a cost-per-click basis, Mike Shields reports, adding that the ads will primarily feature images.

How Social Media Is Pursuing Advertisers

Bristling over pushback on Facebook’s messed-up metrics and fraud, companies from Snapchat to Twitter are reaching out to assuage doubts. Here’s what five are doing.

Pinterest Starts Selling Video Advertising

While Facebook and Twitter have honed their video-advertising offerings for years, Pinterest pursued other priorities, like building its business model, improving search and making it possible to buy some items directly from the site. Now the San Francisco-based startup realizes that it’s behind in the fast-growing video market.

Pinterest Narrows Ad Focus to Match User Interest

Pinterest Gets TV Show On FYI Network

PBS, USA Today Best Users Of Pinterest

Several websites  have published articles recently about how journalists are using Pinterest. But none of these offers data-based analyses that measure whether newsrooms are using Pinterest to engage effectively with readers.

What Local TV News Is Pinning On Pinterest

Still not quite sure what to pin on your newsroom’s Pinterest boards? That’s OK, it’s a work in progress for just about everyone. But we are starting to see some trends with early adopters at TV stations around the country. So if you’re looking for some (p)inspiration … here are the top five types of Pinterest Boards being used by newsrooms right now.