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NewsGuild Seeks A Reporter’s Confidential Sources As It Faces Defamation Suit

The NewsGuild is seeking to compel a journalist to give up his communications with his sources, as well as his correspondence with a former New York Times columnist. The move is part of an ongoing legal battle between the guild, the largest journalism union in the country, and Mike Elk, a former member and independent labor reporter.

C-SPAN Complaints Weren’t What They Seemed

The official topics were the debt limit, energy policy and the end of federal covid-relief funding, but that’s not what many people wanted to talk about on C-SPAN’s morning call-in program this week. They wanted to complain about C-SPAN — specifically, about one of its board members, Allan Block, and his connection to a labor dispute at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which was not exactly the stuff of national headlines. The calls were part of a coordinated campaign by a labor union, the NewsGuild, to call attention to Block, a C-SPAN board member for more than three decades, and his role in resisting a strike against the Post-Gazette, which his family-owned company publishes.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette To Drop Friday Print Edition, Expand Sunday Paper

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Toledo Blade Reporters: Pro-Trump Owners ‘Manipulate’ Coverage

Reporters at the Toledo Blade and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said Friday that the right-wing views of the papers’ owners are hindering their ability to accurately cover President Donald Trump and Wednesday’s Capitol riot.

2 Sidelined Pittsburgh Journalists React: One Quits; The Other Sues

Pittsburgh Paper Becomes Its Own Story

At a time when so many local newspapers have been gobbled up by budget-slashing, profit-minded corporations, many journalists have yearned for the days when local families owned the papers and managed them with a sense of civic commitment. And yet the most toxic relationship in American media right now may be between Post-Gazette journalists and its publisher, whose family has owned the paper for nearly a century.

Big Missteps Put Focus On Newsroom Diversity

When the Pittsburgh Post Gazette pulled reporter Alexis Johnson off coverage of protests triggered by George Floyd’s death, nobody anticipated it would lead to a staff revolt and become a national story, part of an extraordinary week where the news media’s sluggishness in promoting diversity became part of the national conversation.

Shouts Of Solidarity For Black Reporter Pulled From Protests

A black reporter from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was told she could not cover the city’s protests over the death of George Floyd because of a tweet, and now dozens of […]