On A Very Dark Day, KDKA News Shined

To be sure, all three Pittsburgh affiliates — KDKA, WTAE and WPXI — scrambled from the first alerts when a shooter entered the Tree of Life synagogue last Saturday. We look here at KDKA, however, for a glimpse of what one station did right on a dark day.


Jessell | A Sad Saturday, Helped By Solid TV Journalism

A day’s worth of viewing local Pittsburgh TV stations’ coverage of the synagogue shooting reinforces the importance and value of diligent, thorough coverage to the community of both viewers and those directly affected, something you don’t find anywhere else.


Howard Fineman: Shaking My Faith In America

NBC’s Howard Fineman: “The bloodshed in the Tree of Life synagogue is a sign that hatred of The Other is poisoning our public life. It’s always been a vivid strain in America, stimulated by the stress of immigrant waves, but one we have overcome time and again. Now, political enemies in America deny each other’s humanity.”