PWS Coordinates Frequencies For Soccer Tourney


From The IBC Exhibit Floor: Video Clarity

Video Clarity | Stand 2.C57 | Website: Ahead of IBC 2016, Video Clarity will launch a new color transfer function in the ClearView line of video quality analyzers. ClearView can apply Rec. 2020 appropriately to the different color formats and color conversion techniques being considered for high dynamic range (HDR) content today. In this […]


From The IBC Exhibit Floor: Primestream

Primestream | Stand 7.D21 | Website: Primestream’s focus is dynamic media management, offering a seamless end-to-end platform for the digital acquisition of live and file-based content, editing, logging, control room and master control playback, Web publishing, smartphone video contribution and archiving. At IBC 2016, Primestream will demonstrate its Dynamic Media Management solution integrating workflow from […]

Aereo Subpoena of Syncbak Docs Dismissed

A federal judge in Iowa on Tuesday dismissed a subpoena by Aereo for documents and testimony about CBS’s minority investment in Syncbak, in addition to how Syncbak’s technology works and any documents that might mention Aereo.