What Are CEs Shopping For At NAB 2013?

A recent TVNewsCheck/Playout survey shows chief engineers are heading to the NAB Show to shop for encoders, video storage, ENG cameras and more.


Nearly 60% of CEs Attending NAB Show

According to a TVNewsCheck/Playout survey, nearly 60% of TV station chief engineers at Big Four network O&Os and affiliates plan on attending this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Sinclair Adding Mobile DTV To Nine Markets

Sinclair Broadcast Group, a founding member of the Mobile500 Alliance, is bringing mobile DTV to 12 stations across nine markets. The group’s Fox affiliates will also air in the Dyle mobile TV environment.


CEs Expect Budgets, Staff To Remain Steady

A recent TVNewsCheck/Playout survey shows that most chief engineers expect their operating and capital budgets and engineering staff levels to remain about the same in 2013.

Gray Television Launching New TVU Grid

Gray Television is rolling out TVU Grid, a cloud-based, real-time IP video distribution, switching and routing solution that lets networks and station groups share live content from multiple remote locations.


CEs Downbeat About Mobile DTV Propects

In February survey of station techs, more than 80% say are pessimistic or ambivalent about mobile DTV becoming a consumer success.

Remembering Baseball’s First HD Broadcast

With Major League Baseball officially kicking off this week, let’s take a look at baseball’s first HD broadcast. In September 1997, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig said HD makes the viewer feel like they’re right at the park. Can you imagine what a 4K or 8K broadcast would feel like?


CEs Optimistic On Local TV Broadcasting

A TVNewsCheck/Playout survey shows chief engineers are optimistic about the prospects of local TV broadcasting over the next five years. They also had positive things to say about their station and management groups.

News Studios Compete In March Madness

The blog is currently hosting the second round of its “Set Madness” tournament that lets readers decide which set has the best design.


CEs: Mobile Job One For ATSC 3.0

A TVNewsCheck survey shows that when it comes to ATSC 3.0 — the next-generation television standard — chief engineers by a nine to one margin say delivering broadcasts to mobile devices is more important than broadcasting in 4K or 3D.


KTEN Coming Back From Lightning Strike

Four days after lightning hit its tower, the NBC-ABC affiliate in Sherman, Texas, is still scrambling to restore full service. GM Anthony Maisel wasn’t ready to put a number on the damages. “It’s a lot of money — at lot.”



Rumor: Apple Releasing 4K TV in Late 2013

Rumor has it that Apple plans on releasing a 4K “ultra HD” television set in late 2013 or early 2014. The smart TV would feature a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 and include voice and motion control functions.

NAB 2013

How To Broadcast From The Edge of Space

At this year’s NAB Show, executives from Germany-based Riedel Communications will explain everything that went into the broadcast production of the Red Bull Stratos Jump, where daredevil Felix Baumgartner took a supersonic free fall from the edge of space — 128,000 feet in the air.

NAB 2013

Q&A: Vizrt To Focus On 4K At NAB Show

Vizrt plans to show off the 4K rendering capabilities of its flagship Viz Engine 3D compositing system at this year’s NAB Show. Petter Ole Jakobsen, the company’s chief technology officer, talks about what broadcasters can expect to see from Vizrt at this year’s show.