Scrounging For Hits, Hollywood Goes Back To The Video Game Well

After decades of game-to-film flops, a new effort, led by Sony, aims to adapt big PlayStation and Xbox franchises for movies and TV.

PlayStation Vue Adds ABC, ESPN, Disney

Sony announced last November plans to offer Disney channels on the service and today it said the PlayStation Vue lineup in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco will expand to include local ABC stations, ESPN and Disney Channel. Customers there will also get a $10 a month price cut.

PlayStation Net Debuts ‘Powers’ Scripted Series

NEW YORK (AP) — Ability does not imply accomplishment. And accomplishment is no prerequisite for fame. This we know all too well from reality TV. (Hint: Snooki.) But today’s viral sprawl of celebrity is explored in fresh fashion by a new series spawned from what some viewers might deem an unlikely source: comic books. The […]

PlayStation To Launch Original TV Shows

Sony tries to make the PlayStation a home for TV by offering original programming through the gaming console. The superhero show Powers will be launch the effort.