Top Dem Super PAC Launches Florida Ad Blitz

The top Democratic super PAC backing Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is using a seven-figure cash injection from billionaire Michael Bloomberg to launch a new advertising blitz in Florida. Priorities USA announced on Thursday that it would use the $5.4 million donation from Bloomberg to buy a week of air time across Florida’s 10 media markets beginning Friday.

Bloomberg To Spend $100M To Help Biden

Over the past few weeks, many in the Democratic Party had publicly called out former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg for his lack of financial commitment to help Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump in November. Bloomberg had vowed to open up his personal fortune to help defeat Trump but his lack of financial contributions since he dropped out of the Democratic primary in March had raised eyebrows among Democrats. Now Bloomberg is finally making good on his commitment and has decided he will focus his efforts on the key state of Florida, vowing to spend at least $100 million to help Biden win the Sunshine State.

Trump Campaign Pulls Back From TV Ads

Fearing a coming cash crunch, President Trump’s campaign has pulled back from television advertising over the last month, ceding to Democratic nominee Joe Biden a huge advantage in key states and sparking disagreements over strategy within the president’s senior team. Republican officials have been inundated with calls from worried activists and donors who complain about constant Biden ads in their local media markets, with very few paid Trump responses, according to people familiar with the conversations.

Biden Spending “Quite Substantially” On Fox News

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch says the cable network is enjoying a thriving advertising market amid the U.S. presidential campaign. “You’ll see this Sunday, the Biden campaign spending quite substantially,” Murdoch reported.

Analyst: Political Ads Should Top $10B

Election season is on track to bring in record political advertising spending, with big broadcast TV station groups, such as Nexstar, Gray and Tegna, among the key beneficiaries, according to an analyst report. Guggenheim Securities analyst Curry Baker on Wednesday forecast “a record political cycle in 2020 with total political advertising expected to exceed $10 billion.” He mentioned ad prognosticator GroupM’s forecast along those lines, which compares with the $8.7 billion recorded during the 2018 mid-term elections.

Facebook Moves To Limit Election Chaos

The social network said it would block new political ads in late October, among other measures, to reduce misinformation and interference.

Facebook Weighs ‘Kill Switch’ For Political Ads After U.S. Election

Trump Campaign, RNC Have Spent Over $1B Since Beginning Of 2017

President Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee have spent more than $1 billion combined since the beginning of 2017, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Most of that spending — nearly $625 million — was spent since the beginning of the 2020 election cycle in 2019. By comparison, at this point in the 2012 election cycle, former President Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee had spent about $481 million.

Biden Asks Stations To Remove Fracking Ad

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is asking several TV stations in Pennsylvania to stop airing an ad from a pro-Trump Super PAC that the campaign says inacurately represents Biden’s position on fracking.


TVN Focus On Advertising | Surging Political Revenues Are TV’s Gain

Executives are pointing to a record-breaking year for political advertising as COVID-19 pushes TV into a more important role and the number of purple-shifting competitive states expands.

Political Advertising Dollars Are Moving Online. Is Internet TV Ready?

A backlash against political ads highlights challenges around targeting, frequency capping and fraud.


TVN Executive Session | Fox’s Jack Abernethy: TV Leadership Has ‘Never Been Tested’ Like Now

Political is bolstering a comeback for TV advertising, but as COVID-19’s uncertainties continue to loom, Fox Television Stations CEO Jack Abernethy says managing in a climate of fear continues to be challenging.

Biden Campaign Announces $280M Ad Buy

Biden is reserving airtime in 15 states, which includes a number of traditional swing states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida — as well as a number of historically Republican states, including Arizona, Georgia and Texas, and a few traditional swing states that seemed to be moving away from Democrats in recent years, such as Ohio and Iowa. His campaign says a “significant portion” of the reservation will be minute-long ads.


Political Ads Booming For Fox O&Os

Political is pacing more than 50% ahead of the equivalent period four years ago CEO Lachlan Murdoch tells analysts. Apart from political, COO John Nallen said it is “remarkable to see how quickly local advertising is coming back.”

Trump Campaign Restarts TV Advertising

The media offensive slamming Joe Biden comes after the president’s campaign went dark on television airwaves last week amid a reevaluation of advertising strategy.

Trump Campaign Ad Spending On Pause

President Donald Trump’s campaign has canceled a series of advertisement buys over the next few days as they review their messaging strategy, a senior campaign official told CNN. The decision comes after the campaign demoted former campaign manager Brad Parscale and elevated current campaign manager Bill Stepien. The move to promote Stepien and demote Parscale took place on July 15, a little more than two weeks ago.

Trump Campaign Halts Ad Buys In Michigan

The president has started spending more money on ads in much smaller Electoral College prizes like Iowa and Nevada, and in recent days his campaign stopped buying ads in Michigan entirely. The president faces several troubles in Michigan, including reduced support among less educated white voters and motivated Black voters in the state’s cities.

Facebook Weighs Ban On Political Ads

Facebook executives are considering a temporary ban on political advertising in the final days before the U.S. election in November as the company continues to grapple with a large advertising boycott, employee unrest and other issues related to its policies on hate speech and misinformation, according to two people familiar with the company’s thinking.

Trump Casts A Wide TV Advertising Net

President Trump’s re-election campaign is advertising in three states he easily won in 2016, as well as two others that appear tougher for him to capture, as polls suggest he faces a narrower path to the White House than four years ago.

Trump Spends $100M In Swing States

In the biggest, most dramatic outlay on political advertising in the 2020 presidential election cycle since the free-spending Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer primary-season glory days, President Donald Trump’s campaign just dropped $99.7 million on TV advertising across Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona.

Dem Super PAC Joining Trump Station Lawsuit

The Priorities USA super PAC has been given a judicial OK to join a legal battle between Trump’s financially flush Republican reelection campaign and WJFW Wausau-Rhinelander, Wis. (DMA 134), which is being sued for airing a Priorities USA ad.

Biden Begins First General Election TV Ad Blitz

The $15 million advertising effort will target six fall battlegrounds, all states that President Trump carried in 2016.

Facebook Takes Down Trump Ads Featuring Symbol Used By Nazis To Mark Political Prisoners

Bill Banning Microtargeted Political Ads Draws Crowd

Facebook Lets You Skip Political Ads

The change lets Facebook play both sides of the debate about political advertising on social media.

Tallying Presidential Campaign Ad Spend

When it comes to the advertising tally for the U.S. presidential election so far, a good rule of thumb is: Nothing is as it seems. As election season enters full swing, there’s more to the numbers than meets the eye.

Trump Camp Runs Campaign Ads On D.C. Cable

With their boss growing increasingly agitated with the state of his re-election campaign and with the efforts of Republican critics to undermine it, President Donald Trump’s team hatched a plan. They’d run a series of hard-hitting ads and place them on networks that they knew the president and congressional Republicans would watch. And so, over the past month, the Trump campaign has spent slightly more than $400,000 on cable news ads in the Washington, D.C., area, buying time largely on Fox News but with some smaller buys on CNN and MSNBC as well, according to filings with the FCC.

Priorities USA Expands TV Ads In Arizona

Priorities USA Action, a major Democratic super PAC, is out in Arizona and other states with new TV and digital ads attacking President Donald Trump — totaling $4 million in spending.

Political Ads Expected To Explode

The U.S. economy is in free fall due to the coronavirus pandemic, but political advertising is expected to reach new heights because of it. A new, joint report from the ad tracking firm Advertising Analytics and analytics company Cross Screen Media projects that the total ad spending on the 2020 election cycle will reach $6.7 billion, up 12 percent over their initial $6 billion projection for the cycle. The new projection is a result, in part, of “the lack of face-to-face campaigning driving higher shares of budgets to paid media.”


How Biden Can Beat Trump From His Basement

Lis Smith: If he can win the battle for our screens, he can benefit from the death of the traditional presidential campaign. Democrats should use the media to highlight Biden’s empathy and position him as the presidential warm blanket that a scarred America will need.

Dems Reserve $1M In Anti-McConnell Ads

The Democratic-aligned Ditch Mitch Fund announced on Tuesday that it is reserving $1 million in TV ads against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ahead of the November election. “Today we are making an initial down payment on the campaign our grassroots movement will be funding against Mitch McConnell this year,” Ryan Aquilina, the executive director of the Ditch Mitch Fund, said.

Higher Viewing Offers Political Ad Opportunities

A TVB analysis shows the coronavirus pandemic has substantially increased levels of broadcast TV viewership, especially among adults 35+.

Political Advertising Sees Slowdown

Political advertising — for individual candidates, political action committees and other areas — has been lower over the last few weeks, but political marketers are still buying messaging on key platforms. Donald J. Trump For President Inc. has spent $1.4 million from March 22 through March 28 on Facebook and Google (with some 8,600 creatives on Facebook), according to Advertising Analytics.

Dems To Pai: Reject Trump Threat To Stations

Two top Democrats in Congress on Thursday asked FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to reassure broadcasters the agency will not revoke their licenses for airing advertisements critical of President Donald Trump.

Google To Allow COVID-19 Political Ads

Reversing course, Google said on Thursday it will begin allowing political groups to run ads related to COVID-19. The company’s move comes shortly after liberal digital ad shop DSPolitical publicly complained that Google was giving President Donald Trump “an unprecedented advantage in our upcoming elections” by banning Democratic ads relating to the outbreak, while allowing the current administration to run ads referencing the virus.

Free Spots Won’t Count Toward Lowest Unit Rate

The FCC has told broadcasters it doesn’t have to count free ads toward calculation of the lowest unit rate they are required to charge for political ads, but only if those are not “free spots” tied to an existing commercial contract.


TVN Focus On Advertising | Political Still Shines Despite Coronavirus

Industry forecasters are lowering projections for core ad spending and revising their spot ad outlooks downward, but one category — political spending — may be 1.5 to 2 times higher than expected, thanks in part to an infusion from Michael Bloomberg.

Comscore Offers Congressional District Ratings

The new solution matches advanced audience segments to congressional districts to help TV stations optimize political advertising sales.

BIA Ups Local Political Ad Forecast To $7.1B

Of the $500 million increase, an additional $197 million will be spent in online/digital and $171 million on broadcast TV.

Californians Bombarded With Bloomberg Ads

The billionaire candidate, a late entrant in the primary race, is pouring money into Super Tuesday states voting on March 3 and saturating them to a degree that political media strategists and ad-tracking firms said is unprecedented. Bloomberg, who has spent about half a billion dollars blanketing the country with ads, has shelled out about $50 million on cable, broadcast and radio ads in California, according to ad tracking firm Advertising Analytics.