Sinclair’s Ripley: Politically Divided America Is ‘Very Good For Our Business’

Stark political divisions in the U.S. have caused a surge in TV ad spending, with primary races in Ohio, Pennsylvania and other key states pointing to a massive haul in the upcoming fall midterms. One key beneficiary of that influx of cash is Sinclair Broadcast Group, the No. 2 owner of local TV stations in the U.S. The company’s CEO, Chris Ripley, offered his outlook on political ads and other topics in an appearance at the MoffettNathanson 9th Annual Media and Communications Summit.


Third-Party Political Ads: Broadcasting Moneymaker Or An Invitation To Legal Hell?

Third-party political ads, taken out on behalf of candidates by individuals, advocacy groups or organizations, and airing on radio and TV stations across the country, may seem an easy way for broadcasters to rake in money. While highly profitable, they are also replete with legalities. With midterm elections upon us, here’s a refresher for broadcasters.

Yahoo, Cross Screen Media Partner To Enable Greater Political Campaign Insights, Efficient Measurement

Yahoo today announced a partnership with Cross Screen Media, a tech firm specializing in optimized local TV and CTV ad planning and measurement, to enable more strategic planning, efficiency and measurement for advertisers ahead of 2022 midterm campaigns. Yahoo will also be Cross Screen Media’s first programmatic partner to use the company’s new measurement solution, ScreenImpact, which the […]

Pa. U.S. Senate And Gubernatorial Campaign Ad Spending Hits $85M In Just Three Months

The swing state is already delivering a massive windfall to media owners and operators.

Scripps-Led Consortium Aims To Delivers Scale And Efficiency For CTV Political Advertisers

Cox Media Group, Capitol Broadcasting, Graham Media Group and other broadcasters are participating. Magnite, an independent omnichannel sell-side advertising platform, will make CTV inventory available to agencies and programmatic buyers.


Political Ad Projections Keep Rising

Broadcasters widely increased their political revenue guidance for 2022 following an earnings season in which spot saw continued growth across categories except for the still-beleaguered automotive industry.

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The 2022 Midterms Are On Track To Be One Of The Most Expensive Elections Ever. Here’s Why

Democrats and Republicans are setting a torrid fundraising pace more than one year out from the midterm elections, stockpiling record-breaking amounts of cash as control of the narrowly divided House and Senate hangs in the balance. Between the tens of millions of dollars that candidates and groups are already collecting and the high stakes at play, political strategists and analysts are projecting that the level of spending on 2022 campaign ads will not only surpass every previous midterm race, but could even approach the last presidential election cycle.

2022 Midterm Ad Spending Seen Hitting $8.9B

U.S. political advertising spending in the 2022 midterm elections will near record totals of the U.S. presidential race — getting to $8.9 billion, according to estimates from AdImpact — with CTV political ads making big gains. The media researcher estimates the 2020 presidential election period witnessed $9.02 billion in ad spend. Presidential election years are the biggest in terms of political spending.

Facebook Shuts Down Academics Researching Political Advertising

Facebook has disabled the personal accounts of researchers at New York University who have been studying political ads on the social media platform. In addition, Facebook has shut down the pages associated with the research, and researchers’ access to the Facebook APIs needed to share Facebook data to other apps.

Could SCOTUS Affect Disclosure Obligations On Political Advertising?

Facebook To Lift Ban On Political Ads

Facebook will resume allowing political advertising on its platform starting Thursday, ending a freeze that was put in place around the general election. “We put this temporary ban in place after the November 2020 election to avoid confusion or abuse following Election Day,” the company wrote in a blog post Wednesday.

Google To Pause Political Ads Through Inauguration

Google will suspend political ads along with any reference to “impeachment, inauguration or protests at the U.S. Capitol” beginning Thursday. The ban will run through the day after President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on several platforms.

Here Are All The Brands Severing Ties With Trump And His Allies

Pro-Trump PAC Launches $500,000 Ad Buy For Loeffler, Perdue

A PAC aligned with President Trump is investing in the Georgia Senate runoff elections this week with a $500,000 ad campaign in support of Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. The two races will determine the upcoming Senate majority, with Democrats needing to win both to take back the Senate.

Georgia Senate Run-Off Approaches $500M In Ads

Two hotly contested runoff U.S. Senate races in Georgia have fueled nearly $500 million in advertising spending. With nearly a month to go before the special election on Jan. 5, AdImpact (formerly Advertising Analytics) says $457 million has been spent in advertising for the special election through Dec. 11.

Gray TV Tops $400M In 2020 Political Ad Rev

And there’s more to come from the two run-off election races for U.S. Senate seats in Georgia that take place Jan. 5.

Facebook Lifts Political Ad Ban For Georgia Runoffs

Facebook will allow political advertisements related to the Georgia Senate runoffs starting Wednesday, partially lifting a post-election ban. The company announced Tuesday that advertisers who have completed Facebook’s ad authorizations process will be able to begin running them again.

Fox Discloses Record Political Ad Rev, Skepticism About New Rivals

It took Fox News Channel $1 billion “in cash burn” to get to profitability, Fox Corp. CFO Steve Tomsic disclosed during an investors conference this week, adding that following a banner year of political ad spending it has a “fortress” that can sustain virtually any future, including potential threats from extreme right-wing news services like OAN and Newsmax.


TVN Focus On Advertising | More Political ‘Everests’ Ahead For TV

The Georgia Senate runoffs mean another political windfall is coming for the six markets in and around the state, adding to an already mind-blowing haul of more than $4 billion for the industry in the election year.

TV Ads Debut In Georgia Senate Runoff

Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia unleashed her first full-scale TV attack ads on Democratic challenger the Rev. Raphael Warnock on Thursday, as the final battle for control of the U.S. Senate intensifies ahead of their January runoff.


The Price Point | Suddenly, A Profitable Year For Local TV

A political windfall benefited station groups after COVID’s ravages, and there’s every reason to see political remaining healthy for many cycles to come. The reason? Leading local newscasts still have a close and coveted relationship with their loyal viewers.

Viamedia Sees Sharp Rise In Political Advertising

Viamedia, the large, independent ad sales management company for local cable, OTT, streaming and video, is seeing a 200% increase in political revenue when it comes to its average revenue per subscriber versus that of 2016.

Election Night: Cable News Networks See Ad-Unit Price Hikes

Election night TV advertising on major cable TV news networks looks to be up a massive two times or more higher than for the presidential election in 2016.

Presidential Ads Swamp TV, Radio, Digital In PA

Ad tracking firm Advertising Analytics expects Trump and Biden spending in Philadelphia alone to exceed $150 million. Compared with the 2012 race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, presidential ad volume is up 87%, according to an October report from the Wesleyan Media Project. It’s up a whopping 145% from the 2016 battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Trump Plans ‘Heavy’ Ad Buy In Minnesota

President Trump’s campaign had its best-ever online fundraising day and plans to invest heavily on the airwaves in Minnesota in the closing days before the election. Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said the online haul on Thursday, when Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden squared off for the final presidential debate, was better than any online fundraising day in the 2016 or 2020 presidential cycles.

Biden Breaks All-Time TV Spending Record

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign has spent more money on television and digital advertising than any other presidential candidate in American history, with more than a week left to go before Election Day. Biden’s campaign has spent more than $582 million on television advertising since launching his campaign last year, according to data from the nonpartisan firm Advertising Analytics. In just the last week, Biden’s team spent $45 million on air.

Connected TV’s Growing But Unclear Role In Political Advertising

Political advertisers are embracing connected TV ahead of the November election more than they did during previous election cycles, but the category still represents a fraction of the overall media spending pie — and exact spend levels in CTV are hard to calculate.

Political Advertising Spend Hits Record $6.7B

Political advertising spending has already hit a record $6.7 billion, according to estimates from Advertising Analytics, with just a few weeks to go before Election Day. A vast percentage of that spending has gone to local TV stations and local cable — $4.1 billion for local broadcast stations and $1 billion to local cable TV platforms. Just $247 million has been spent on national broadcast and cable TV networks.

Political Ad Dollars Pouring Into Maine

Record levels of money have poured into Maine’s competitive race between U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and House Speaker Sara Gideon, shaking up the TV market for candidates and non-candidates and raising questions about how it can all be spent effectively by Election Day. But that accounts for only a fraction of the ad spending in Maine this year. The Portland-Auburn TV market alone has seen $89 million in political ad spending this year, according to Advertising Analytics, more than massive markets like Dallas and Chicago.

Pro-Trump Group Rolls Out Another $1M In Arizona Ads

A prominent pro-Trump super PAC is launching another $1 million ad blitz in Arizona amid polls showing President Trump trailing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the state. The Committee to Defend the President will run two ads on cable news and local broadcasts as part of the buy. The group is also spending $100,000 for a digital outreach effort.

‘Seinfeld’s Newman Returns To Take Down Trump

Political Campaigns Flood Facebook With Ad $

Adding up money shelled out for the presidential contest, the congressional and gubernatorial races and from third-party groups advocating for candidates and causes, political advertisers in the U.S. spent at least $264 million on Facebook in the third quarter, according to CNBC’s compilation of data from the Center for Responsive Politics and Facebook’s ad library.

Biden Outspends Trump On National, Local TV

For Sept. 24 through Oct. 7, Biden placed 2,621 airings of commercials on national and regional TV (an estimated $21.7 million) with Trump at 946 airings ($6.5 million), according to Biden produced more than double the TV impressions, at 2.0 billion, versus 862.9 million for Trump.

Facebook To Stop Political Ads After Nov. 3

Facebook announced significant changes to its advertising and misinformation policies, saying it will stop running political ads in the United States after polls close on Nov. 3 for an undetermined period of time. The changes, announced on Wednesday, come in an effort to “protect the integrity” of the upcoming election “by fighting foreign interference, misinformation and voter suppression”, the company said in a blogpost.

Political Ad Spend Estimate Rises To Near $11B

New political election spending projections for 2020 now hit $10.8 billion, according to an estimate from the Center for Responsive Politics — 50% higher than the 2016 presidential election period. The 50% increase over the $6.5 billion total in 2016 would be another political advertising election record, according to the group.

‘Deepfake’ Political Ads Banned At Last Minute

Local Washington D.C. affiliates of Fox, CNN and MSNBC have all banned new spots by Mischief @ No Fixed Address for nonprofit RepresentUS that feature AI overlays — known as deepfake technology — of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin respectively, speaking about the fragility of the U.S. democracy. “Dictators” was set to air after the 2020 presidential debates. The spots had been approved but were pulled at the 11th hour with no explanation, according to the agency.

TV Ads Around Presidential Debates To Grow

With many TV networks reportedly sold out or near sold out of advertising time in pre- and post-programming around the upcoming Presidential debates, TV advertising revenues among the top TV networks are expected to exceed the total $16 million mark set four years ago. The top six broadcast and cable TV networks — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC — pulled in a collective $15.5 million in national TV advertising revenues for the three Presidential debates, according to — yielding more than 410 million impressions.

Top Dem Super PAC Launches Florida Ad Blitz

The top Democratic super PAC backing Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is using a seven-figure cash injection from billionaire Michael Bloomberg to launch a new advertising blitz in Florida. Priorities USA announced on Thursday that it would use the $5.4 million donation from Bloomberg to buy a week of air time across Florida’s 10 media markets beginning Friday.

Bloomberg To Spend $100M To Help Biden

Over the past few weeks, many in the Democratic Party had publicly called out former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg for his lack of financial commitment to help Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump in November. Bloomberg had vowed to open up his personal fortune to help defeat Trump but his lack of financial contributions since he dropped out of the Democratic primary in March had raised eyebrows among Democrats. Now Bloomberg is finally making good on his commitment and has decided he will focus his efforts on the key state of Florida, vowing to spend at least $100 million to help Biden win the Sunshine State.

Trump Campaign Pulls Back From TV Ads

Fearing a coming cash crunch, President Trump’s campaign has pulled back from television advertising over the last month, ceding to Democratic nominee Joe Biden a huge advantage in key states and sparking disagreements over strategy within the president’s senior team. Republican officials have been inundated with calls from worried activists and donors who complain about constant Biden ads in their local media markets, with very few paid Trump responses, according to people familiar with the conversations.