Will Advertisers Be Impacted By YouTube’s Reversal Of Political Ad Policies?

Advertisers may wonder how the reversal of YouTube’s decision to take down content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors or glitches occurred in the 2020 or other elections will impact ad-placement decisions. The change, which YouTube announced Friday, will not impact its advertising policies or YouTube monetization policies.

Talking TV: Emily Barr On Sinclair’s Shuttered Newsrooms

Emily Barr, TVNewsCheck columnist and former CEO-president of Graham Media, weighs in on the troubling implications of Sinclair’s closure of five newsrooms across its markets and what shoes may drop next for an industry up against serious headwinds. A full transcript of the conversation is included.

Twitter Fails To Report Some Political Ads After Promising Transparency

Elon Musk took over Twitter last fall with a pledge of transparency for the social media giant — but so far political advertising on the platform has been anything but forthcoming. Twitter has failed to disclose some political ads running on its site since early March, according to a review of its activity by Politico. At least three promoted fundraising tweets were not included in Twitter’s own data, seemingly contradicting the company’s policies and raising doubts about the integrity of the platform’s data and how many other political ads could go unreported.

Are Issue Ads By Non-Candidate Groups Entitled To Lowest Unit Rates Just Because A Candidate Approves The Commercial?

In a request for declaratory ruling filed by the Florida Association of Broadcasters, an interesting question has been posed to the FCC – can other political advertisers who buy time during the LUR period be entitled to “lowest unit rates” rates if they are “authorized” by the political candidate?  Normally, such non-candidate political ads (usually referred to as issue ads) are charged much higher rates than those charged to candidates.

’22 Political Ad Spending Revised Down 7.5% To $8.94B

The final count is in, and ad spending for the U.S. 2022 elections came in 7.5% lower than originally forecast, according to final estimates from competitive ad intelligence firm AdImpact. Total ad spending by candidates and other advertisers across all national, state and local elections came in at $8.94 billion — 7.5% less than the $9.67 billion that AdImpact originally forecast in August 2022.

Republican 2024 Rivals Go Shopping For Big Donors

The GOP primary field is spreading out to woo big money around the country this week.

Trump Parts With TV Ad Maker As Firm’s Partner Goes To Haley

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign has split with its longtime TV ad maker, Jamestown Associates. One of the firm’s partners has decided to work with a Trump rival in 2024: Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor and ambassador to the United Nations who launched her presidential bid on Wednesday. The former president’s campaign, in turn, has decided that it would not renew its relationship with Jamestown, which crafted commercials for Trump during the 2016 and 2020 elections. Trump’s team also used the firm after he left the White House.

Democrats Rev Abortion Advertising Back Up For Next Round Of Elections

Democrats’ political committee focused on state legislatures is launching a new affiliated nonprofit whose first move is a digital ad campaign on abortion in Virginia — an early example of Democrats continuing to lean into the issue after a strong midterm performance.

Twitter To Relax Ban On Political Ads

Elon Musk’s social media service said it would begin to permit cause-based advertising to “facilitate public conversation around important topics.”

Georgia Runoff Spending Tops $400M As Warnock And Walker Battle For US Senate Seat

Campaign finance data shows Home Depot founder Bernard Marcus and Richard Uihlein of ULINE Inc. giving a total of $2.75 million to the Republican candidate.

Georgia’s Runoffs Have Helped One Atlanta TV Station Rake In Nearly $232M In Political Advertising In Under Two Years

ABC affiliate WSB-TV leads the nation in political advertising this year with $86 million so far. The figure jumps to nearly $232 million when taking in the period from Jan. 1, 2020 through Nov. 28 of this year, according to ad tracker AdImpact. It’s been a good stretch not only for WSB, owned by Cox Media, but other area stations as well. Three Atlanta stations were among the top five nationally for political spending between Jan. 1, 2020 through Nov. 28 of this year, according to AdImpact.


Nexstar Political Revenues At All-time Record

Political money as of Election Day is slightly over $500 million, or 103% of what was on the books on Election Day 2020. All that remains to be seen is whether there is a senate run-off in Georgia.


Scripps Optimistic Despite Political Coming Up Short

Early on, it thought the mid-term elections would attract spending that would beat its record revenue in 2020’s presidential election. That didn’t quite happen, but CEO Adam Symson said, the company was still proud to post record political revenues for a mid-term election.

Amazon, Other PACs Resume Donations To Electoral Objectors

Nearly 20 businesses and groups have restarted giving to lawmakers who voted against certifying the presidential election. Most business and industry political action committees that announced pauses after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol had already resumed giving to all lawmakers, including the 147 lawmakers who opposed certifying electoral votes from two states after the attack, Federal Election Commission filings show.

Campaigns Pay Influencers To Carry Their Messages, Skirting Political Ad Rules

Campaigns are using social media influencers as a way to reach young and diverse voters, a novel and mostly unregulated strategy. Some are even spreading the message through dating apps.

Study: Traditional TV Still Delivers The Biggest Political Ad Bang For The Buck

A new report from Effectv that studied more than 200 political ad campaigns in the first half of 2022 concludes that when it comes to achieving the best results from TV, politicians should spend 10%-20% on campaign ads on streaming and the rest on traditional TV.


Political Advertising Jumps On Sports Programming: Viamedia

Political candidates are increasingly turning to sports to reach viewers and voters, according Viamedia, which sells advertising for cable TV operators. Viamedia said spending on linear cable and related digital networks in sports programming is likely to reach, if not exceed, the record levels seen during the 2022 presidential election year and triple the spending during the last midterm election in 2018.

Nancy Pelosi Attacks Media Merger — After Getting Big Campaign Donation

Nancy Pelosi is creating static over the proposed Tegna-Standard General merger that would take a massive group of TV stations private — after she and fellow House Democrats got more than $500,000 in campaign donations from Byron Allen, a comedian-turned-media mogul who wants to block the deal.

Bloomberg Pumps $10M More Into House Campaigns As Red Wave Looms

The billionaire former New York City mayor is increasing his stake in the midterm elections after giving big to down-ballot Democratic candidates.

Why Am I Seeing That Political Ad? Check Your ‘Trump Resistance’ Score

To help campaigns target ads, voter-profiling firms score millions of Americans on issues like guns, vaccines and QAnon.

In Midterm TV Ad Wars, Sticker Shock Costs Republicans

The party is paying far more for TV ads than Democrats on the exact same programs. The reasons are tied to Republicans’ reliance on super PACs. Above, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto paid far less for a 30-second television commercial during a Las Vegas Raiders game than a Republican super PAC did. (John Locher/Associated Press)

House Democrats Retrench As GOP Money Floods The Map

The party isn’t airing ads in six of the 14 GOP districts Joe Biden carried in 2020, as it directs money to help incumbents under threat.

TV Stations Are Cleaning Up On Political Advertising

Political ads are rolling in at a record pace at TV stations across the US, especially in states with tight races that may decide which party controls the Senate. Take for instance KSNV, the NBC affiliate in Las Vegas. Campaign spending this year at the station owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group reached $54 million through Oct. 5, according to spending tracker AdImpact.

Crime Ads Play Big Role In Competitive House, Senate Races

Republicans in competitive House and Senate districts are hitting Democrats with a barrage of ads focused on voters’ increased fears about the surge in violent crime in recent years, with the issue playing a central role in many tight races.

Top Senate Republican Super PAC Spends In Colorado

The GOP has eyed the state as a possible pickup. Now, a McConnell-aligned group is investing in Colorado.

Republicans Slash Ad Buys In N.H. Senate Race As Hassan Leads

Senate Republicans’ campaign arm is pulling millions of dollars in spending from New Hampshire’s race to shore up other candidates across the board, as Democratic incumbent Maggie Hassan continues to poll ahead of her challenger.

New Trump Super PAC Makes First Midterm Ad Buys

MAGA Inc., made an initial ad buy in the Columbus and Cleveland markets and has also placed ads in Pittsburgh, according to AdImpact, a media tracking firm. Ohio and Pennsylvania have key Senate races where Trump endorsed earlier this year. AdImpact reported $135,650 worth of ads placed in Pittsburgh and another $276,000 in Columbus and Cleveland so far, although those numbers are expected to rise as more stations report buys.

Facebook Is The Only Game In Town For Digital Political Ads

TikTok and Twitter won’t take campaign money, so Meta’s social network remains the default winner, even though strategists say the platform is losing its effectiveness.

TVision: Viewers Are Paying Attention To Political Ads

Viewers might complain about the barrage of political commercials on the way as Election Day approaches, but they seem to pay attention to them. A new study from TVision found that when political ads appear, viewers stay in the room 22% longer than when other types of ads appear. TVision also said viewers’ eyes stay on political ads 15% longer than spots for other products or services.

Political Ad Spending Is Breaking Records: Here’s Where The Money Is Going In Critical Senate Races

Outside spending is pouring into the 2022 Senate races, as Democratic control of the chamber hangs in flux. Nearly $450 million in outside spending has been spent on Senate races so far this cycle, according to OpenSecrets, a watchdog group that tracks money in politics. Just over 80% of that sum, or about $360 million, went to the 10 races deemed competitive by Cook Political Report. Overall, outside spending has ballooned for a midterm year. Super PACs cycle-to-date have spent more than double what they had by this point in 2018 — and the total is just $41 million shy of the cycle-to-date spending during the 2020 election.

Record Spending Over California’s Legal Gambling Initiative

A torrent of advertising has buffeted Californians for months, much of it making promises far beyond a plump payoff from a game wager. With the stakes high, more than $400 million has been raised so far – easily a national record for a ballot initiative fight, and nearly doubling the previous mark in California set in 2020 – with another seven weeks to go until balloting ends on Nov. 8.

Ad Spending Shows Dems Hinging Midterm Hopes On Abortion

With the most intense period of campaigning only just beginning, Democrats have already invested more than an estimated $124 million this year in television advertising referencing abortion. That’s more than twice as much money as the Democrats’ next top issue this year, “character,” and almost 20 times more than Democrats spent on abortion-related ads in the 2018 midterms.

Political Campaigns Flood Streaming Video With Custom Voter Ads

Although millions of American voters may not be aware of it, the powerful data-mining techniques that campaigns routinely use to tailor political ads to consumers on sites and apps are making the leap to streaming video. The targeting has become so precise that next door neighbors streaming the same true crime show on the same streaming service may now be shown different political ads — based on data about their voting record, party affiliation, age, gender, race or ethnicity, estimated home value, shopping habits or views on gun control.

WSB Atlanta Preempts ‘Tamron Hall’ With News At 3 p.m. Until Midterm Elections

Viamedia Expects Record Political Spending With Jump In Issue Ads

Local cable advertising rep company Viamedia says it expects record midterm political advertising, with growth coming specifically in issue ads. Election ad spending is up 11% year-to-date, when compared to the 2018 midterm elections, and up 2% from 2020, a presidential year marked by heavy spending by Michael Bloomberg during the primaries. Digital and connected TV revenue is already 61% higher than in 2018 and up 38% from 2020.

Ads Begin In Texas Governor Race, With O’Rourke’s Highlighting Abortion

Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott released a first ad and, on Thursday, Beto O’Rourke, the former El Paso congressman and perennial Democratic hopeful, countered with two of his own.


Watch for Congressional ‘Franking’ Ads In Last Weeks Before Pre-Election Period

Many broadcasters have questions about “franking” ads from Congressional representatives running for reelection. Congress each year allows its members to spend certain amounts of money to communicate with their constituents. This was traditionally done through mailings, which congressional representatives could send through the US mail without any postage charges. This privilege was later extended to allow the representatives to use broadcast media, but stations are paid for such spots. These franking messages cannot be used for political messages, and the messages cannot be run during the 60 days before any election. But just because the messages are not in and of themselves political does not mean that the messages do not have implications under the FCC’s political broadcasting rules.

New Conservative Group Gets $1.6B To Spend During Midterms And Beyond

A conservative nonprofit poised to spend during the upcoming 2022 midterm elections and beyond received a record donation of $1.6 billion last year. The group, The Marble Freedom Trust, is captained by Leonard Leo, a conservative strategist known for his leadership of the Federalist Society and work in causes related to abortion law and Supreme Court nominations. The donation came from Barre Seid, an electronics manufacturing mogul.

Facebook Loses Its Luster For Some Political Advertisers

Ahead of the 2022 midterms, political media buyers are pulling back from the social network. This is partly due to increased difficulty in targeting relevant voters with ads — both from new company policies and challenges Meta’s ad tech has faced as a result of Apple’s privacy changes.

Political Ad Spending Soars For Midterms

High-stakes races, polarized voters and online fundraising are projected to push spending to nearly $9.7 billion, according to a new report from AdImpact.