2020 Political Ad Race Projected To Reach $6B

Combined political ad buys on broadcast, cable and digital media outlets will reach $6 billion during the 2020 Presidential election year campaign cycle, according to a new report released Wednesday by Advertising Analytics and Cross Screen Media. The projection represents a 57% increase over what was spent during the 2018 midterm election cycle.

TV Ad Wars Begin In La. Governor’s Race

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A day after Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards launched the TV campaign for his re-election bid, a Republican group responded Tuesday with its own advertising to attack the Democratic incumbent’s performance. The Republican Governors Association said its first 30-second TV spot of the governor’s race, financed by its political action […]

Gray Is Poised For Election Ad Deluge

Broadcasting company Gray Television is well placed to profit from an anticipated deluge of political advertising ahead of U.S. elections in 2020, according to Barron’s, which says good ratings in its local TV markets would be attractive to congressional, senatorial, gubernatorial and presidential campaigns looking to place campaign spots.


What’s In Store In ‘19? Jessell’s 8-Ball Knows

TVNewsCheck’s prescient editor, Harry Jessell, asks his infallible Magic 8-Ball to reveal how 2019 will unfold for various aspects of the television business, including core advertising, political advertising, retrans, mergers, FCC ownership caps, Big-4 duopolies and ATSC 3.0. He then expounds on the answers since, while all-knowing, the 8-Ball is notoriously terse.

Over $3B Spent On Midterm Local TV Ads

The total set a new record for political ad spending on local broadcast television for any election cycle, according to TVB.

Fox, NBCU Stop Airing Trump Immigrant Ad

Both networks said today they will stop airing President Donald Trump’s campaign advertisement that featured an immigrant convicted of murder. Earlier, CNN had rejected the same ad, declaring it racist.


Jessell | Political Ads A Small Price For Local TV News

Viewers may be sick of campaign ads, the mostly negative content and the sheer repetition of many of them, but the revenue they produce helps in a big way to sustain local TV news.

Senators To Facebook: Fix Political Ad Tool

A recent Facebook initiative aimed at combating foreign interference in elections involves requiring political-ad purchasers to identify themselves in “paid for by” disclaimers. But Facebook’s system suffers from some “significant apparent loopholes,” including one that allows ad purchasers to lie about their identities, Senate Democrats Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) and Mark Warner (Virginia) say in a new letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

NBC Slammed For Trump Ad In ‘SNF’

NBC is getting grief over its decision to air an election ad from President Trump that focuses on the migrant caravan in Mexico. The airing of the ad came around 10:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, about two hours into NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast in a game between the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots. It also comes a day after news surfaced that CNN had declined to air the spot, calling it “racist.”

Political TV Ad Spending Goes Nuts (And Negative)

Less than a week before the midterm elections, political TV advertising is setting records for both volume and negativity. Total political ad spending will reach $6.75 billion in 2018, research firm PQ Media predicts, with about half of that going to television.