Sinclair’s Smith Gives Additional $140,000 To Term Limit Effort

Sinclair Broadcast Group Chairman David Smith has given $140,000 more to the effort to create term limits for Baltimore elected officials, bringing his investment so far in the ballot question to $525,000.

As Cable News Focused On Queen, Democratic Political Donations Slipped

When the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina introduced a bill this month to ban abortions nationwide after 15 weeks, Democratic fund-raisers expected it to dominate news outlets like MSNBC, bringing small-dollar donations for candidates. But they did not anticipate that cable news networks, overtaken by the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Sept. 8, would relegate politics to an afterthought for more than a week in favor of ancient rituals, Grenadier Guards and the monarch’s corgis.

Disney, MPA Halt Contributions To Lawmakers Who Rejected Biden Certification

The Walt Disney Co. and the Motion Picture Association are joining Comcast, AT&T and others in halting political contributions to House and Senate lawmakers who voted to reject the certification of electoral votes for Joe Biden.

Here Are All The Brands Severing Ties With Trump And His Allies

Comcast, AT&T, Facebook Suspend Political Contributions

Comcast, AT&T, Hallmark and Facebook are joining the list of companies that are rearranging their political contributions and business relationships to distance themselves from President Trump and the G.O.P. the week after supporters of the president rioted at the U.S. Capitol.