Political Conventions Largely A Mystery

News executives are adjusting on the fly to nominating conventions for President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden that will be primarily virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic. Much of what is planned is still a mystery, particularly for the Republicans.


TVN Focus On Journalism | Local TV Plans Reduced Convention Presence

Station groups say they will send fewer correspondents to August’s largely virtualized political conventions and centralize their reporting resources. At the same time, they see local coverage opportunities of the conventions expanding, largely down to use of the remote production technology they’ve already been mastering for months during the pandemic.

Trump’s Call On What GOP Convention Will Look Like

After a venue change, spiking coronavirus cases and a sharp recession, Trump aides and allies are increasingly questioning whether it’s worth the trouble, and some are advocating that the convention be scrapped altogether. Conventions are meant to lay out a candidate’s vision for the coming four years, not spark months of intrigue over the health and safety of attendees, they have argued. Ultimately, the decision on whether to move forward will be Trump’s alone.

Cable Nets To Team Up On Convention Coverage

CNN, MSNBC and Fox News are in talks to coordinate pool coverage to reduce the number of journalists in potentially infectious areas.


TVN Tech | At 2020 Conventions, Less Spectrum For TV

Louis Libin, chairman of Election Wireless 2020, coordinates wireless requirements for broadcasters at the upcoming conventions, debates and election night. He says the repack has made assigning spectrum more challenging than ever, and that broadcasters must temper their expectations relative to past years.

ABC Lessons From Streaming Conventions

ABC News is in the midst of delivering 24-hour Facebook Live coverage of the political conventions, as part of a partnership with Facebook. Mădălina Ciobanu spoke with Dan Linden, global head of social media for ABC News, about the key takeaways from the past week and a half. Among them: break up coverage into shorter blocks and show people what they won’t find on traditional TV news.

Dem Convention Opens On Par With RNC

The Big 3’s 10 o’clock coverage of the Democratic National Convention on Monday totaled 10.5 million total viewers and a cumulative 2.5 demo rating, up a tick from Night 1 of the RNC.


Jon Stewart Fires Back At Trump Speech

NEW YORK (AP) — Jon Stewart has told Donald Trump’s supporters they can’t take America back, because they “don’t own” the country in a riff that mirrored his signature segments on “The Daily Show.” Stewart was back behind a late night desk Thursday night, joining former Comedy Central colleague Stephen Colbert on a live version […]

RNC Media Row Offers Convention Sideshow

If the Republican National Convention is a political circus, Media Row is definitely the can’t-miss sideshow. In a parking garage next to Quicken Loans Arena, Republican politicians, convention speakers, delegates and (mostly B-list) celebrities have made the rounds this week along a long, winding line of more than 160 TV, radio, and online media outlet booths.


Cleveland Stations Provide Raw RNC Access

It’s been an interesting week for Americans watching the nomination process in Cleveland this week. And local TV stations news operations are providing on Facebook a look at the events that is often raw and unedited, just as it happens on the streets in and around the convention.


Ted Cruz Gives RNC Its Dramatic TV Moment

Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement speech for Donald Trump Wednesday night gave TV viewers the moments of excitement they craved from the convention when the floor erupted in boos and chants of “Endorse Trump.”


Cleveland Stations Providing Raw RNC Access


WEWS Creates Survival Guide For Clevelanders


Even Media Folk Down On RNC Media Overkill

As seemingly every journalist in the country has converged on Cleveland this week, even those inside the media are starting to wonder about the convention’s media overkill. “There’s a rule of thumb that the more unimportant the convention, the more the media covers it. This is preposterous,” says one journalist.


How Television Covered RNC Day 1

The first day of the Republican National Convention offered its fair share of highlights, as well as a marked difference between the coverage on broadcast networks versus cable and PBS. “It’s a far different experience watching an hour of coverage on the ABC, CBS or NBC broadcast networks or the almost unlimited amount of time on the cable networks or PBS,” David Bauder writes about Monday’s coverage of the first night of the Republican National Convention.


ABC News, Facebook Team On Convention

Under the companies’ deal, Facebook will provide ABC News with exclusive, real-time data during major speeches that it will use across TV and digital platforms. ABC News hosts and correspondents also will incorporate viewer comments, questions and discussions in its Facebook Live coverage. ABC News, which has 8.6 million followers on its primary Facebook page, said it will have 24-hour live coverage across a variety of pages.


Stephen Colbert Crashes RNC Stage In Prank

CLEVELAND (AP) — A video posted online shows “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert taking over the microphone on stage in Cleveland in a “Hunger Games” themed prank at the site of the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday. The video shows Colbert behind the podium saying it’s his honor “to hereby launch and begin the […]


Late-Night Comics Stake Turf At Conventions

Late-night comedians will be out in full force during this year’s Republican and Democratic presidential conventions. While the comics and their shows are scrutinizing speeches, delegates and party officials, looking to deliver laughs as rapidly as possible, they also have the opportunity to establish their hosts as the comedic conscience for this political era — to own that role as Jon Stewart did over 16 years as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

CBS Shifts ‘BrainDead’ To Sunday For Conventions


Journos Prep For Convention Security Risks

The news media is gearing up to cover the national political conventions — but not just with pens, notebooks and TV cameras. This year, news organizations are issuing gas masks, flak jackets and other protective equipment to journalists who may find themselves covering street protests in Cleveland and Philadelphia, the sites of the Republican and Democratic conventions.

Fox News Sets GOP Convention Coverage

CNN Convention Plans Include VR Experience

News Orgs Prep For Surprises At Conventions

Political conventions have long been carefully stage-managed coronations — choreographed infomercials at which crowd reaction is about as spontaneous as a sitcom’s in-studio audience. But this year’s gatherings promise a twist: There’s sure to be news, particularly at the Republican National Convention, July 18-21 in Cleveland, and likely at the Democratic gathering the following week, July 25-28 in Philadelphia.

CBS, Twitter To Partner For Conventions

People will be able to watch video of the political conventions on mobile devices and desktops alongside a feed of political tweets, Twitter said today. The GOP convention begins in Cleveland on July 18, with the Democrats in Philadelphia the following week. Besides being the latest example of Twitter’s foray into video, the announcement is a major shot of exposure for CBSN, CBS News’ two-year-old live online stream.


Colbert To Air Live During Conventions

CBS said Wednesday that Stephen Colbert will host the Late Show from his usual studio in New York City. The program will have an “on-air presence” in Cleveland and Philadelphia during the conventions, but CBS didn’t specify what that would be.

Cable Nets Up Political Convention Ad Prices

CNN is charging advertisers $40,000 to $100,000 for a 30-second spot during the Republican and Democratic conventions, compared with about $5,000 for a normal prime-time commercial, according to a person familiar with the matter. Fox News plans to charge similar rates, according to Ken Goldstein, a professor of politics at the University of San Francisco who analyzes polling and advertising for Bloomberg Politics.

Secret Service Widens Access At Conventions


Political Conventions Max Out Wireless Chs.

Even before the deadline to make wireless channel requests had passed, the demand from broadcasters and other media outlets has exceeded the supply of available channels in both Cleveland and Philadelphia for coverage of the Democratic and Republican political conventions. Above, FCC Enforcement Bureau and election wireless engineers take RF spectrum measurements during testing before the opening of the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. (Kevin Parrish photo)


CBS To Overhaul 2016 Convention Coverage

Instead of putting money and resources into into the “air-conditioned skyboxes” above the convention floor that typically showcase network reporters and analysts, CBS News will focus on participants “on the ground,” according to CBS News President David Rhodes.

With Isaac Looming, Networks Weigh Options

At this moment, the networks are splitting their staffs between the two locations. Other news organizations big and small are also making the same calculations, stationing reporters in Louisiana and Mississippi while leaving other reporters in Tampa, where the Republican National Convention was supposed to begin today.

Tweets To Be Half Of Current’s Convention Screen

Cable News Sees Potential In Conventions

For third-place CNN, whose ratings hit a 21-year low in the second quarter, the conventions will be especially critical in regaining viewers going into the election.

Convention Coverage: Everything Changing

The Internet will give people more access to convention halls and a greater opportunity to become part of the political conversation. The popularity of social media and people experiencing big events on TV with tablets and smartphones has driven up TV ratings, most dramatically and recently for the Olympics, and television executives are curious to see if the trend continues in Tampa, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C.

Can Parties Makes Conventions Good TV?

With the parties’ quadrennial presidential nominating gatherings fast approaching, organizers on both sides are bedeviled by a similar challenge: how to raise TV viewer interest in the multiday affairs, which threaten to be largely predictable spectacles nearly devoid of suspense.

AP Announces Political Convention Coverage Plans

CBS News Details Political Convention Plans

Scott Pelley, Bob Schieffer, Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell to lead CBS News’division-wide, multi-platform coverage of the 2012 Republican and Democratic national conventions.

Online Media Will Star At Conventions

Political conventions, long the ultimate made-for-TV presentation, this year are coming of age as digital-media events — highlighting the decline of network television coverage of the gatherings.

Gore To Anchor Current TV’s Convention Coverage