Big Political TV Spending In Dallas

A hotly contested Texas governor’s race is sparking big political ad spending in Dallas, where local media buyers say TV and radio inventories area already tight.

TV Still No. 1 Medium For Political Campaigns

One of the surprising take-aways at Marketing Politics in Washington Tuesday was, that despite the hyper-focus on “digital” and “multi-screen,” TV remains far and away the most vital medium for political campaigns.

2012 Political TV Ads: The Rush Is On

With nearly six months left before Election Day, national party committees have already reserved more than $72 million in television airtime for a fall campaign that’s shaping up as a Super Bowl-like spectacle of political advertising.


LIN Posts 27% Gain In 3Q Revenue

Core local and national advertising sales combined, excluding political ad sales, increased 13% to $85.1 million, with automotive up by 41%. Political ads brought in 32% more and retrans money grew by 4%.