Letters, Tweets, TV: How Midterm Disinformation Has Washed Over Pennsylvania

One state’s experience underscores how pervasive false and misleading information has become in the country’s electoral process, online and off.


Dr. Oz & The Epidemic Of Reality TV Stars In Politics

Joe Ferullo: “The nation seems to be in the midst of yet another contagion — not the omicron variant, but reality celebrities convinced they should be high-profile political leaders.”

The CW Launches ‘Freedom To Vote’ Initiative To Combat Voter Suppression

Announced on the 56th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Freedom to Vote expands on the network’s 2020 voting campaign Vote Actually, which helped encourage young people to cast their votes in local and national elections.

Geraldo Rivera Says He’s Considering Running For Senate

Geraldo Rivera said that he is considering running the open U.S. Senate in Ohio seat being vacated by Rob Portman. He wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, “Pondering running for retiring @senrobportman seat in United States Senate. #GoBuckeyes.”

How TV Predicted Politics In The 2010s

If you think today’s Washington is dysfunctional, venal, cutthroat, uncaring and winner-take-all, take heart: It’s not nearly as bad as the Washington you’ve seen this decade on fictional TV. This was the decade that idealism vanished from political TV. That might not be a coincidence.