WRAL And PolitiFact Fact-Checked Presidential Debate In Real Time

WRAL Partners With Fact Check Site PolitiFact

Telemundo To Bolster Election Coverage With PolitiFact Partnership

PolitiFact Moves Headquarters To Poynter Institute

NBC, PolitiFact Team On Campaign Fact Checking

Scripps, PolitiFact Team On Political Coverage

A new agreement covers exclusive rights to fact-checking resources for broadcast/digital coverage in Ohio, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona.

New PolitiFact Service To Fact-Check Pundits

Hearst Stations Renew PolitiFact Partnership

In addition to re-upping with the fact-checking website of the Tampa Bay Times, Hearst Television is also launching a series of issues-discussion town halls throughout New Hampshire. “Conventional wisdom may hold that television stations relax political news coverage during non-election years, but the reality is different,” says David Barrett, Hearst Television CEO. “Increasingly, politics never sleeps.”


PolitiFact Aims To Boost Local TV Presence

The fact-checking service is lining up relationships with all 25 of Hearst’s news-producing stations and has even broader ambitions. Other broadcasters with PolitiFact deals include Cox and Gannett.