Scripps, Gray, Tegna To See Political Boon

Wells Fargo Securities says that Scripps, Gray and Tegna have the most to gain in political revenue this year from the expansion of presidential battleground states and the “hot” Senate, House and gubernatorial races.

TVB Turns To TV To Sell TV To Politicos

TVB will be airing a spot during the political talk shows this Sunday morning, trumpeting the superiority of broadcast TV for political advertising. “Target Wisely. Target Broadcast,” the 15-second spot advises. It’s part of a larger PR effort to keep political money from migrating to digital.


How Big Will Political Be For Spot In 2016?

Research firms Kantar/CMAG and Borrell have come up with vastly different forecasts for political spot spending next year — $3.3 billion and $4.7 billion, respectively. But whatever the number, the important thing is not to allow cable and digital to nibble away at it.

Supreme Court Eases Campaign Finance Caps

In a 5-4 decision today, the Supreme Court strikes down limits on the aggregate amount that Americans can donate to all candidates in an election cycle — a move that is likely to increase the amount of campaign money that is raised and spent. However, the ruling does not disturb the cap on contributions to individual candidates.