Pond5 To Build New Marketplace Of ProRes RAW Footage

Global video marketplace Pond5 today announced a plan to create a new collection of royalty-free licensable video shot with Apple’s recently released ProRes RAW codec. Filmmakers working with cameras or gear that can capture ProRes RAW footage — such as Atomos monitor/recorders for selected large-sensor cameras and DJI’s X7 — are encouraged to apply to the program […]

Pond5 Offers Royalty-Free Archival Footage

Pond5, a marketplace for licensing royalty-free footage and other media, has launched of its archival footage collection, now available to producers and creative professionals around the globe. Curated by international historians, the new Pond5 Archival Collection “is one of the most comprehensive video libraries of historical moments and everyday life from the past 100 years, […]