Popcornflix Acquires Lifestyle Morning Shows

Free streaming movie and TV programming service Popcornflix has added five morning shows through a new partnership with O2 Media. The new programming has been airing on Lifetime and marks the streaming service’s first foray into the lifestyle genre, exposing Popcornflix to a new audience. “As the Popcornflix audience grows, it is crucial to keep expanding […]

Popcornflix Free Movies, TV Available On Xbox One

Popcornflix, a free streaming movie and TV programming service, has made its app available to Xbox One users in the U.S. and Canada. In connection with its Xbox One launch, Popcornflix has added a new feature that lets viewers choose Popcornflix Kids, a kid-friendly portal, at the main Popcornflix screen. Popcornflix offers hours of entertainment, […]