Covering The Pope Was A ‘Grand Experiment’

Execs from three news organizations — a network O&O, a cable news channel and a network — explain the logistics and tactics of their coverage of September’s eight days of “popemania.”


News Orgs Pay Up To $25,000 To Cover Pope

According to a rate card provided to POLITICO, the biggest package for media covering the pope in Philadelphia, called the “Anchor Booth,” costs $25,000. It included a 12 by 12 foot anchor booth, 20 amps power, a four by eight foot stand up position, a 16 foot by 16 foot private office and a satellite truck parking space. Extra furniture, internet, and power can be added for an additional fee.

Nets Went Live For Pope’s Congressional Talk

TV Kicks Popemania Into High Gear In D.C.

It was all-pope-all-the-time Wednesday morning as television media ignored virtually any other news to reverently cover Pope Francis’ address at the White House.


How Philadelphia Media Will Get Around City

In preparation for the Pope’s visit, which could bring 1.5 to 2 million visitors into a very small geographic area, the city of Philadelphia is basically going into lockdown mode. Journalists from afar are likely staying at hotels, but at least some of Philly’s journalists within commuting distance will navigate bridge closures, subway changes, and up to 2 million people simply to get into work.

Media Mania Grows For Pope Francis Visit

NBC Gets Exclusive Spot For Pope Coverage

NBC News will broadcast its morning show coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to Washington from an exclusive anchor spot on the White House’s South Lawn. The setup will give the NBC News broadcast the look and feel of the official pope-visit news desk that no other newscast will have.