FDA Adopts New Rules Requirements for ‘Side Effects’ Statements in Prescription Drugs Ads On Broadcast Stations

Appeals Court Rejects Ad Drug-Price Rule

A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday upheld a ruling that struck down a Trump administration rule that required pharmaceutical companies to include the wholesale prices of their drugs in television advertisements.

Cable Joins Push To Block Drug Price Disclosure

The cable industry’s lobbying group, NCTA, is siding with the Association of National Advertisers and pharmaceutical companies in their attempt to invalidate a new regulation requiring video ads for prescription drugs to include their list price.

Govt. Wants Drug Price Disclosure Reinstated

The Trump administration is appealing a district court judge’s decision to block a rule that would have required TV and streaming video ads for prescription drugs to include their list price. The move comes around six weeks after a U.S. district court judge blocked the new ad regulation on the grounds that the Health and Human Services agency lacked authority to issue it.

Drugmakers Must Show Prices In TV Ads

The Trump administration on Wednesday said it will require drugmakers to disclose the list price of prescription drugs in direct-to-consumer television advertisements. Pricing details are expected to appear in text toward the end of commercials, when potential side effects are disclosed. TV viewers should notice the change later this year, perhaps as early as the summer.