Trump Says Fox Apologized To Him In Feud

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, in conversations with Trump, “acknowledged his concerns” about a statement the network had made in the days leading up to the debate, Fox said. But Fox said Trump had demanded a $5 million contribution to his charities in order to appear, which the network rejected.

Dem. Debate Added For Feb. 4 On MSNBC

CNN Democratic Town Hall Is Most-Watched

Trump Pulls Out Of GOP Debate On FNC

Donald Trump’s declaration was an unexpected, if not unpredictable, twist in the final days of the Iowa campaign. The real estate mogul had threatened repeatedly to boycott debates before, only to ultimately acquiesce. By picking a fight publicly, Trump assured that even if he goes through with his plan not to show up Thursday, his absence will be the center of attention. Adding intrigue to the Democratic race, the White House said President Barack Obama would host Bernie Sanders for an Oval Office meeting.

FNC Teams With Google For Next GOP Debate

RNC Moves Feb. Debate From NBC To CNN

CNN is replacing NBC News as the host of the Republican National Committee’s Super Tuesday debate in February. “The Republican National Committee has decided to move forward without NBC’s participation in our February debate in Houston, Texas. The RNC has awarded the debate to CNN, who will broadcast it on Thursday, Feb. 25, in Houston at a location to be decided,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said yesterday.

FNC Announces Date, Team For Iowa Debate

NEW YORK (AP) — Fox News Channel says it will host the seventh Republican presidential debate, taking place next month in Des Moines, Iowa ahead of that state’s caucuses. Fox said Monday that the two-hour debate on Jan. 28 will be anchored by Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. That’s the same team that […]

Holt To Moderate First Dem. Debate Of 2016

NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt will moderate the first Democratic debate of 2016, on Sunday, Jan. 17, at the Gaillard Center in Charleston, S.C.

18 Million Viewers Watch GOP Debate On CNN

Nielsen said on Wednesday this made it the third most-watched among the five GOP primary debates that have taken place so far this year.


WMUR Booted From Next Democratic Debate

New Hampshire’s most influential television station is being pushed out of next week’s Democratic debate. The reason? A labor dispute between a handful of employees at the station, WMUR, and its owner, Hearst. The Democratic National Committee announced WMUR’s fate on Friday in a joint statement with the New Hampshire Democratic Party that blamed the TV channel and Hearst for the impasse.

Fox Business Net To Host Additional GOP Debate

Zucker: CNN Won’t Pay Trump To Appear In Debate

Muir, Raddatz To Moderate ABC’s Debates

World News Tonight anchor David Muir and ABC’s chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz will moderate two primary debates in the coming weeks, both from New Hampshire, site of the first-in-the-nation primary.


WHO Gives Each GOP Presidential Candidate An Hour

CBS Saturday Debate Draws 8.6M Viewers

Viewer interest in the primary debates of both parties remains higher than previous years, with the second Democratic get-together of 2015 drawing a good-for-Saturday 8.55 million viewers on CBS.

FBN Logs Biggest Business Day After GOP Debate

FBN Drew 13.5 Million For GOP Debate

Focused primarily on economic issues, it was least-watched of the GOP debates, behind the 14 million who watched the third debate on CNBC. However, before Tuesday’s debate, Fox Business Network has never before reached as many as 1 million viewers for an event.

Debate Puts Spotlight On FBN Moderators

The fourth GOP debate — and first since a CNBC session left candidates grumbling about the journalists asking questions —- takes place Tuesday night in Milwaukee. Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, FBN’s Neil Cavuto and The Wall Street Journal’s Gerard Baker will guide the two-hour discussion starting at 9 p.m. ET. It’s also an opportunity for the relatively little-noticed business cable network, which will try to push its coverage in front of as many viewers as possible.


WHO To Present GOP Candidate Forums

Three presidential candidates — Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal and Donald Trump — have agreed to sit with Tribune’s WHO Des Moines, Iowa, down for live, one-hour televised forums with Iowans where they will discuss three of the most pressing issues.

Fox Business Sets GOP Candidate Debate Lineup

GOP Backs Off Debate Demands

Nets Likely To Fight GOP Debate Demands

The nation’s big TV-news outlets are likely to push back against many demands by the Republican National Committee to change the nature of the big televised debates among the party’s candidates for president.

CNBC Fallout: What Campaigns Want From The Nets

GOP Drops NBC As February Debate Partner

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus sent an open letter to NBC News chairman Andrew Lack today declaring that they are “suspending the partnership” because the CNBC debate had been conducted “in bad faith.”

CNBC Reaches 14M Viewers With GOP Debate

Nielsen said 14 million viewers watched the debate Wednesday night, down from the 24 million who saw the first contest on Fox News Channel in February and 23 million viewers for CNN’s second contest. Still, it’s an extraordinarily high bar: a 2011 debate with GOP candidates on CNBC had 3.3 million viewers, Nielsen said. This week’s debate also competed against the second game of the World Series.

GOP Candidates Unhappy With CNBC Debate

The Republican presidential candidates repeatedly expressed frustration over the mainstream media in general and the CNBC moderators asking the questions during the third GOP debate Wednesday evening. “The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said early on.

Trump Preemptively Calling CNBC Debate ‘Unfair’

Bartiromo, Cavuto To Moderate FBN’s GOP Debate

CNBC Hopes Debate Will Raise Profile, Rev

CNBC is counting on benefiting from the way viewers have gravitated to the debates — powered on the GOP side by the celebrity star-power and unpredictability of Donald Trump — in an unprecedented way.

FBN Sets Milwaukee GOP Debate For Nov. 10

Dates Set For Univision, PBS Dem. Debates

Univision and PBS will host the final Democratic debates, now set for Feb. 11 in Wisconsin (PBS) and March 9 in Miami (Univision). The Democratic National Committee announced the dates Thursday, finalizing the party’s series of six debates that begin next week, with CNN’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas.

23M Watch GOP Debate, New High For CNN

Anderson Cooper To Moderate CNN Dem Debate

CNN Adds Carly Fiorina To GOP Debate

Trump To CNN: Give Debate Proceeds To Vets

In a Tuesday letter to the cable news network, the billionaire says he’s the reason the network sharply increased its rates ahead of the Sept. 16 debate in Simi Valley, Calif. CNN should view debate coverage as a public service and give up profits, he said.

Ad Space Almost Sold Out For CNN Debate

CNN says that only one commercial slot is still available for its coverage of the Sept. 16 debate between top Republican presidential contenders, and it’s expected to draw top dollar.

Jon Stewart Debate Petition Tops 100,000 Names

Univision News To Host GOP Candidate Forum

The Hispanic networl’s news division forms a partnership with The Washington Post to offer coverage of Hispanic voters during the 2016 presidential campaign, including a Republican forum to take place ahead of the March primaries.

NH GOP Want Debate Open To All Candidates

Fox News Channel plans to restrict the first scheduled GOP debate to the top 10 candidates, based on polling averages from the five most recent national public opinion surveys. But the field could approach 20 candidates. In a letter to the heads of Fox News and the Republican National Committee, a group of New Hampshire Republicans suggested that Fox split the debate into two panels with FNC broadcasting the two panels back-to-back or on consecutive nights.

Final Debate Scores 59.2M Viewers

Audience levels for the final matchup between President Obama and Mitt Romney, which centered on foreign policy issues, were down 12% compared with the first debate this month between the presidential contenders. The Oct. 3 debate, when Obama appeared off his game, was the most watched, attracting 67.2 million viewers. The second debate drew 65.6 million.