Fox Sets Viewership Record With 3rd Debate

Nielsen said today that an estimated 11.5 million people watched Obama and Romney tussle Monday night on foreign policy on Fox News Channel. The cable network’s previous record was the 11.1 million who watched the second presidential debate last week and the Joe Biden-Sarah Palin vice presidential debate in 2008.

DMA 34

WDJT Milwaukee To Focus On Undecided Voters

Tonight, the country will have the opportunity to watch the final 2012 presidential debate. In what is expected to be a very tight race, the pressure is on for both parties to sway undecided voters. Weigel Broadcasting’s CBS affiliate WDJT Milwaukee (DMA 34) has invited local undecided voters to its studio to watch the debate. An […]

Debate Moderating Is A Thankless Job

Even as each debate progresses, Twitter is crackling with reactions. Type in the moderator’s name in a search and the screen immediately fills with tweets. Generally, it’s a dependable way to gauge how a candidate is doing. The harsher one party’s reaction to a moderator is, the tougher time their candidate is having onstage.

Second Debate Watched By 65.6 Million

Viewing for Tuesday’s debate between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney was down from 67 million people who watched the first debate a week earlier. It was shown live on 10 networks, with the Spanish-speaking Univision and Telemundo airing it on tape delay.

FNC Ties 2008 Record To Win cable Debate Race

Crowley Approach Highlights Moderator Role

CNN correspondent Candy Crowley’s role as moderator had been a subject of discussion before the debate even started. An agreement between the candidates about the debate circulated online, where it stated that the moderator would not be allowed to ask follow-up questions, or play any role other than to introduce questions and enforce time limits. Crowley said that the candidates’ agreement wouldn’t stop her from asking follow-ups, and she did so during the debate.

Crowley Under Fire From Obama, Romney

In a rare example of political unity, both the Romney and Obama campaigns have expressed concern to the Commission on Presidential Debates about how CNN’s Candy Crowley, the moderator of this Tuesday’s town hall, has publicly described her role.

Jim Lehrer: No Regrets For Debate

The former PBS anchor said last week’s confrontation, viewed by 67 million people, will be remembered as a watershed moment because it was a real debate instead of simultaneous interviews of the candidates.

Debate Hits 32-Year Ratings Record

With home viewership topping 67 million, the last time this many people watched a first presidential debate, it was between President Jimmy Carter and then candidate Ronald Reagan.


A Glimmer Of Hope In the Vast Wasteland

The presidential debates are an institution now, and among the most watched television events in America. Despite a rocky history, the debates are one place in the modern campaign — perhaps the only place — where the voter is treated with respect.

Fall’s Must-See TV: Obama-Romney Debates

Typically the top political draw in the final sprint to Election Day, the debates assume outsized importance this year with the race a dead heat.

Debate Group Denies Univision Request

The Commission on Presidential Debates is denying Univision’s request to host a “forum” with the presidential candidates that would address Latino issues.

Falco Wants Debate With Hispanic Moderator

The Univision CEO tells the Commission on Presidential Debates it should add another debate featuring a bilingual moderator and suggests two of his own.

Debate Moderators: Crowley, Lehrer, Schieffer

CNN’s Candy Crowley will be the first woman to moderate a presidential debate in two decades when she handles one of three debates between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, while PBS’s Jim Lehrer and CBS’s Bob Schieffer will moderate the other two. All three were named as moderators Monday by the Commission on Presidential Debates.


Why Not a Female Debate Moderator?

Three teenage girls have gathered thousands of signatures on petitions asking the debate commission and the Obama and Romney campaigns to back a female debate moderator. But we’ll likely be stuck with ‘a neutral old white guy,’ experts say.

IntoNow To Power ABC Debate Polls

Yahoo’s IntoNow To Power ABC’s Debate Polling

Fox News Teams With Google for GOP Debate

Debate Season Underway For TV, Candidates

The presidential debate circuit began in earnest with CNN’s forum from New Hampshire on Monday. It may be a slog, with more than a dozen such events already scheduled for Republicans who want President Barack Obama’s job, but it’s an obstacle course filled with opportunities and pitfalls for both candidates and television networks.