Journalists Differ From Public In Their Views Of ‘Bothsidesism’ In Journalism

Journalists in the United States differ markedly from the general public in their views of “bothsidesism” — whether journalists should always strive to give equal coverage to all sides of an issue — according to a recent Pew Research Center study. A little more than half of the journalists surveyed (55%) say that every side does not always deserve equal coverage in the news. By contrast, 22% of Americans overall say the same, whereas about three-quarters (76%) say journalists should always strive to give all sides equal coverage.

Early Biden News Coverage More Policy Than Character-Driven

Nearly two-thirds of Biden stories during his first two months in office were on his policy agenda and ideology, and 35% about his character and leadership style, the Pew Research Center found. For Donald Trump, three-quarters of the early stories were about his character and leadership, Pew said.