PrimeTime Lighting Rolls Out New LED Light

PrimeTime Lighting has debuted its new MSLED 5-S broadcast studio LED luminaire. The MSLED 5-S is the smallest of PrimeTime’s commercial LED lights. The MSLED 5-S can be used both in commercial broadcast studios or for newscast broadcasts from remote locations. The unit measures 9” wide, 6.5” tall and 7.25″ deep, draws only 20 Watts power and […]

PrimeTime Introduces LED Remote Broadcast Kit

PrimeTime Lighting is now offering the MSLED 5-S remote video light kit for remote studio applications. The company describes it as commercial-grade quality for users working from home for newscasts, stream videos, Zoom calls, podcasts or home streaming. “Now you can have the same professional LED lighting as TV studios for your remote or home broadcast,” said […]

PrimeTime Intros New Energy-Efficient LED Lights