Pulitzer Prizes In Need Of A Digital Revamp

In order to stay relevant in a profession practiced by increasingly digital journalists, Benjamin Mullin suggests the Pulitzer Prizes take some steps to further broader their standards for award consideration. Among them: allow broadcasters in, consider international media and give readers a say in judging.

LA Times TV Critic Wins Pulitizer Prize

Mary McNamara was honored for her “savvy criticism that uses shrewdness, humor and an insider’s view to show how both subtle and seismic shifts in the cultural landscape affect television.”

Pulitzer Investigative, Feature Eligibility Grows

The Pulitzer Prizes in journalism have expanded eligibility for two prize categories, Investigative Reporting and Feature Writing, to include many online and print magazines, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced in a news release today. The board has also amended its rules regarding partnerships, the release said. Alongside their own employees, eligible news organizations will now be allowed to nominate journalists employed by partnering organizations even if those organizations are themselves ineligible to compete for Pulitzer Prizes.