Broadcasters Make In-Car Play For ATSC 3.0

While conversations between broadcasters and car makers are just starting, ATSC 3.0 proponents say that given the three-to-five-year build cycle of a typical new model it’s crucial to get 3.0 receiver chips into car makers’ design plans by next spring so they’re ready to roll in 2024, by which time next-gen stations will be broadcasting across the U.S.

AT&T Tests LTE Broadcast At Football Game

AT&T used the collegiate national championship football game in Dallas Monday night as a backdrop to the operator’s first live demonstration of LTE broadcast technology. Also known as LTE multicast, the company worked with partners Ericsson, Qualcomm, ESPN, Samsung and MobiTV to deliver two channels of streaming video and one channel of data to 40 LTE-broadcast enabled Samsung Galaxy Note 3 devices.


ATSC Gets Three Proposals For Next-Gen Sound

Qualcomm Quietly Cancels Its 4K Smart TV Chip

LG TVs Add Qualcomm’s AllJoyn Protocol

Ericsson Demos World’s First LTE Broadcast

The demonstration took place in Australia, but it showed how U.S. television stations could potentially broadcast in the future. Ericsson, in partnership with Qualcomm, submitted its LTE Broadcast Solution to the Advance Television Systems Committee as a proposal for ATSC 3.0, the next-generation U.S. broadcast standard. “LTE Broadcast provides the ability to send the same content simultaneously to a very large number of devices in a target area,” says Thomas Norén, VP, head of Project Area Radio at Ericsson.


Qualcomm’s Walker: DASH Is Best For Mobile

The Qualcomm VP says Netflix-style streaming technology and over-the-top services will make mobile TV possible. For all that’s going on at NAB 2012, click here.

Qualcomm Offers Refunds For Mobile TV Gadgets

NEW YORK (AP) — Qualcomm is offering to refund customers who bought its portable TV sets, ahead of shutting down the broadcasts on March 27. Qualcomm’s FLO TV service is the only subscription-based broadcast TV service in the U.S. designed for portable gadgets. It’s been live since 2007, but has never garnered much interest from […]

Qualcomm, AT&T In Talks For Flo TV Spectrum


Qualcomm CEO: TV Will Give Up Spectrum

Paul Jacobs wonders whether broadcasters will “want to waste the electricity to run the towers” if they can get guaranteed carriage of their content on other platforms.