Prather: Nets Want ‘Every Penny’ Of Retrans

The Gray Television exec-turned-station-owner criticized the broadcast networks for their insatiable reverse comp demands. “At some point, we won’t have any incentive to take money from the cable guys [in retrans], if they want it all. And I think they want to get as close to all as they can, frankly.”


Nowhere To Go But Up For Retrans Fees

SNL Kagan researchers and broadcasters at the SNL Kagan conference in New York agreed that retrans revenue — projected at $6.3 billion this year and $7.2 billion next year — will continue to grow at least through 2021.


It’s Branding That Makes Bongarten Bullish

Randy Bongarten, CEO of Bonten Media, says that despite the many challenges facing TV station owners including revense comp and growing competition from an increasing number of sources, broadcasters can thrive if they see themselves less as TV distributors and more as local TV producers and marketers.

DMAS 131 & 194

Bonten Creates Duopolies In 2 Calif. Markets

Through joint sales and shared services agreements, Bonten will operate two stations its partner Esteem Broadcasting is buying in Chico-Redding and Eureka.


Learning Lessons From A ‘CFO Of The Future’

Among the Media Financial Management Association’s picks of executives to watch, Bonten Media’s CFO William “Scott” Moody demonstrates a capacity for identifying the issues executives will need to address at stations and companies to ensure their success in the coming year. Chief among them is understanding and nurturing the linkage between operations and finance.


Retrans Tops TV’s Biggest Business Issues

TVNewsCheck picked the brains of some top broadcasters and analysts to see what the year’s important issues will be. For the first time in a long while, the general outlook was optimistic. Getting specific, here are nine things they will be keeping their eyes on: retransmission consent/reverse compensation, the FCC’s spectrum incentive auction, mobile DTV, industry consolidation, Comcast-NBCU deal ripple effects, signs of life in M&A, record off-year for political advertising, evolution of digital subchannels, publicly held station groups to pay dividends and local online and mobile media.