Judge Judy Has Bruising Day In Court Over $22M Profits Battle, But It Ain’t Over

A loss in Los Angeles Superior Court today means Judge Judy may have to dip into her own pocket to deliver a promised $4 million to charity. The famed small screen judicial official saw her $22 million counterclaim suit against talent agent Richard Lawrence and Rebel Entertainment Partners essentially tossed out of court this morning.

‘Judge Judy’ $22M Profits Lawsuit Heats Up

It probably won’t show up on Judge Judy’s newly announced court series for IMDbTV, but the multimillion dollar legal battle between Judith Sheindlin and Rebel Entertainment Partners is turning into even more of a bareknuckle brawl. With a history of indirect litigation over the past few years, both sides are now directly flinging terms like “vicious” and “baseless character assassination” at each other — and that’s just the polite stuff.

Judge Judy Slams Down Gavel In $22M Suit

Just over two weeks after Rebel Entertainment Partners filed a $5 million breach of contract complaint against former Manhattan family court judge Judy Sheindlin and a collection of CBS entities, the small screen judicial heavyweight has instigated a big bucks counteroffensive. That salvo is a more than $22 million declaratory relief, unlawful/unfair business practices and unjust enrichment lawsuit, to be precise.

Judge Judy, CBS Socked With $5M Suit

Less than six months after CBS and Rebel Entertainment Partners settled their long running legal battle over big bucks in missed contractually obliged payments from the two decade and more running show, a new lawsuit is in the docket. Rebel is now suing the former Manhattan family court judge Judy Sheindlin and the ViacomCBS division for more than $5 million over a seemingly sleight of hand $95 million sale of the show’s rich library.

‘Judge Judy’ Profits Fight Settled

A 2016 dispute that included a complaint about Judy Sheindlin’s $47 million salary has been resolved by a mediator.

Date Set For CBS ‘Judge Judy’ Lawsuit

Judy Sheindlin may have to be the one facing the judge next year because Wednesday the TV host and CBS were handed a trial date in the lawsuit over the profits from her long running show. With the $47 million dollar annual salary of the former family court judge near the heart of the action by Rebel Entertainment, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has set Oct. 23, 2017, as the opening of the jury trial.

CBS Hits Back At ‘Judge Judy’ Lawsuit

Just over a month after CBS was hit with a wide-ranging lawsuit over profits from the Judge Judy show and Her Honor’s $47 million salary, the network has struck back. In an answer filed Friday in L.A. Superior Court to Rebel Entertainment Partners complaint of May 14, a somewhat embarrassed CBS said basically “no way” because the parties in question fraudulently misrepresented themselves for decades.

‘Judge Judy’ Sheindlin Slams ‘Hilarious’ Suit

Judge Judy Sheindlin has fired back against a lawsuit claiming that her outsize salary has driven her CBS-syndicated courtroom show into the red. Talent agency Rebel Entertainment Partners claims it has not received contractually obligated payments from CBS since 2010.

CBS Sued Over Judge Judy’s Salary, Profits

A multi-million dollar lawsuit filed today against CBS has the no-nonsense host, the syndicated small claims series and spin-off Hot Bench in the legal spotlight. Seeking widespread unspecified damages, plaintiff Rebel Entertainment Partners claim that it has been denied contractually obligated payments since 2010 from the net profits of the 19-season reality court show distributed by CBS Television because it supposedly is “losing money” while paying Judge Judy herself up to $47 million a year.