Reporting On Protest | Kansas City Protests Differ From Earlier Ones

KSHB’s Dia Wall: “Stereotypical camps are being broken down. This is a different energy. It’s not just Black people. This is really a melting pot.” And her colleague Kevin Holmes adds: The crowds were “the most diverse I’ve seen in my entire career.” Above, Kevin Holmes reported on the protest as the imposed curfew time for Kansas City drew near, and large crowds remained on site.


Reporting On Protest | Protest Coverage Requires ‘A Thousand Decisions’

Reporters like Fox News Channel’s Bryan Llenas (above) who covered the recent Black Lives Matter protests across the country say “there’s no training” for the myriad on-the-ground decisions they need to make for their personal safety while capturing the story. They shared some of their hard-earned practical tips at a TVNewsCheck webinar on Tuesday.


Reporting On Protest | In L.A., Protests Reflect Greater Racial Solidarity

KNBC’s Beverly White: “I’ve been covering Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles long before George Floyd’s killing. The people I see there are angry, dismayed, bewildered and compassionate. And now, they are more multiracial and multigenerational than ever.” Above, White covering a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles.


Reporting On Protest | A Protest Devolves, Exposing A Reporter’s Fragile Ties With Police

KMTV’s Maya Saenz: Covering an Omaha protest that fell into chaos, I realized my hard-won relationships with law enforcement counted for little in a heated moment. More worrisome still, the media’s rights can be trampled by violent caprice.


Reporting On Protest | Protest Coverage Awakens Traumatic Memory

Brandon Richard: “As an anchor/reporter at WMC-TV Memphis, I found myself trapped in narrow downtown streets between police and a lingering, angry group of protestors. With no camera or station-branded microphone in hand, I was an African-American man vulnerable to police interpretation.”

Talking TV: Protest Reporting Captures Complexities

Michael Depp and Harry Jessell discuss the launch of TVNewsCheck‘s new “Reporting on Protest” series and the powerful frontline accounts from KTTV’s Christina Gonzalez and Fox News’ Bryan Llenas.


Reporting On Protest | Amid Protestors, Police And Looters, A Fox News Reporter Finds Moments Of Authenticity

National correspondent Bryan Llenas has seen an evolution in the New York City protests around George Floyd’s killing. He’s doing everything he can to convey it straightforwardly, capturing moments of violence, fear and empathy in the process.

TVNewsCheck To Host Reporting On Protest: Lessons From The Field Webinar

Journalists fresh from their coverage of eruptive protests across the U.S. will share firsthand accounts from the streets and how they’ve navigated dangers from the police, protesters and the coronavirus. Packed with practical advice for on-the-ground decisionmaking, the June 30 webinar at 1 p.m. ET will also examine how the protests are compelling news organizations to reframe race in their reporting. Register here.


Reporting On Protest | In A Heated Moment, Reporter’s Tool Is Context

Christina Gonzalez: At KTTV in Los Angeles, I witnessed firsthand the dangerous intersections of protesting, looting and police misunderstanding. For everyone involved, including our viewers, it was an object lesson in the importance of context to understand what’s happening right before your eyes.