Cox, LIN Reach Retransmission Deal

Cox Communications and LIN Media announced a new retransmission agreement Friday for WTNH and MyTV9 , just minutes before a 5 p.m. deadline imposed by the Providence-base broadcast television company. LIN Media had threatened to pull its programming from Cox’s three Connecticut cable systems if a new retransmission agreement had not been reached.


Both, Neither Won TWC-Journal Retrans Battle

Time Warner Cable used the dispute as a lesson for other station groups, local and nationally, hoping to raise retransmission fees, but likely lost customers. Journal Broadcast ended the blackout just in time for NBC’s fall prime-time TV season, but TWC bumped them to channel 2, even though the station has been on channel 4 since 1953.


Broadcast Streaming Still Work In Progress

In two recent high-profile retrans battles, TV everyewhere streaming rights were on the table but eventually taken off as networks and affiliates further develop streaming strategies.


WTMJ Loses TWC Cable Slot Post-Blackout

Although Journal Broadcast Group negotiated a new contract on the retransmission fee for its NBC affiliate — which most people in Milwaukee know as TMJ4 — Time Warner Cable replaced the news station’s channel 4 with the Game Show Network. Journal executives don’t like it, but have decided to roll with the punches. “This (blackout) was a great distraction ultimately for the viewers, so we made the accommodation,” Journal EVP Steve Wexler said.


CBS, Time Warner Cable Reach Agreement

The month-long payment dispute has ended and Time Warner Cable customers had their CBS programming restored by 6 p.m. ET Monday.


Gannett And Dish Settle On Retrans Deal

At 10 am. ET today, Gannett put out the following statement: “Gannett and Dish Network have reached an agreement regarding Dish Network’s continued retransmission of Gannett stations.” 

Gannett Denies Dish’s Auto Hop Claim

The broadcaster says the ad-zapping feature of Dish’s Hopper DVR is not a factor in the negotiations for a new retrans contract replacing the one that expires on Sunday.

Ad Execs Agitated Over Retrans Blackouts

Advertising executives say that escalating programming battles — which in the past rarely resulted in the loss of a channel — are hurting TV ratings, disrupting scheduled commercial time and jacking up rates. The situation is bad enough that some on Madison Avenue say it threatens to upend the entire TV business model.


Tribune Stations Go Dark On Cablevision

Affected are WPIX New York; WPHL Philadelphia; KWGN Denver; and WCCT Hartford, Conn. The cable operator accuses Tribune of demanding fees that are too high because of its parent company’s financial woes, but Tribune says it’s asking for “less than a penny a day per subscriber.”

Meredith, TWC Extend Retrans Talks

Time Warner Cable reported Wednesday night that the company has agreed to an extension of retransmission consent for Meredith TV stations through July 31.


KCTV May Go Dark On Time Warner Cable

The Meredith CBS affiliate in Kansas City warned views on Friday that its contract with the cable company will expire at midnight Wednesday — and that negotiations are not going well.

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Nexstar Sues TWC Over Imported Stations

Nexstar sued Time Warner in U.S. District Court, northern district of Texas, alleging copyright infringement and breach of contract for importing its TV stations without permission. Nexstar is seeking a temporary restraining order and other injunctive relief.

Snowe Wants TWC, Hearst To Settle Dispute

Maine U.S. senator Olympia Snowe has written a rather benign letter to the heads of Time Warner Cable and the Hearst station group encouraging them to reach an agreement on their carriage dispute swiftly. The standoff has left the Hearst-owned ABC station in Maine’s largest city, Portland, off the air since last week.

Nexstar Drawn Into Hearst-TWC Retrans Fray

The retrans standoff between Hearst Television and Time Warner Cable is about to become a three-way fight over the out-of-market TV stations TWC is importing to replace some of the Hearst stations it was forced to black out. TWC picked up three stations owned by Nexstar Broadcasting and Nexstar doesn’t like it.

Hearst Stations Go Dark On TWC Systems

The breakdown over retrans price affects 13 stations and 2 million Time Warner Cable customers, as well as Bright House subscribers in Orlando and Tampa. Hearst’s contract expired on June 30, but it agreed to let Time Warner Cable continue to carry its stations through the July 4 holiday.

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WKLY Louisville, TWC Fail To Reach Deal

The Hearst CBS affiliate was removed from the lineup of Insight Communications after its parent, Time Warner Cable, was unable to reach a retrans agreement with Hearst. “We cannot predict if or when discussions with Insight will resume or if or when WLKY-TV’s programming will be restored on Insight systems,” the station says on its website.


FCC Rejects Allbritton’s Shentel Complaint

It says the dispute over the MSO’s dropping WJLA Washington did not amount to “bad faith bargaining,” saying, “Even with good faith, impasse is possible.”


Hearst, TWC Dispute Could Affect WISN

The retransmission dispute between Hearst Broadcasting and Time Warner Cable is facing a July 9 deadline. If no agreement is reached by then, ABC affiliate WISN MIlwaukee is among the Hearst stations that would no longer be available on TWC.

DMA 48

WDRB, WYMO Louisville Off Time Warner

Time Warner Cable Inc. removed WDRB (Fox) and WMYO (MNT) from its Louisville channel lineup at 12:01 this morning. Block Communications Inc., which owns the stations, has been in negotiations with the MSO in an attempt to reach a carriage rate agreement.

DMA 74

Buckeye Cable Sues WUPW Toledo, Raycom

Buckeye Cablevision Inc. filed a lawsuit Thursday against WUPW, its owner Amercan Spirit Media, and Raycom Media, which owns WTOL in the market. The lawsuit stems from a disagreement over whether Buckeye should pay more to broadcast WUPW, which carries Fox network programming.


Media General, Cox In WSLS Retrans Tussle

Media General says that it will pull its Roanoke, Va., NBC affiliate WSLS from Cox Communications subscribers unless the MSO agrees to increased fees for retransmission consent. Cox’s contract with the station expires on May 31.

Dish, AMC Networks In Retrans Dispute

Subscribers to Dish Network Corp. could lose TV shows such as Mad Men and The Walking Dead as a result of a dispute between the satellite TV company and AMC Networks Corp. over programming fees and a four-year-old lawsuit.


DirecTV Takes Tribune Retrans Fight To FCC

DirecTV filed a complaint with the FCC on Monday accusing Tribune Co. of negotiating a new programming contract in “bad faith” and questioning who is making decisions at the company.


Tribune Stations Disappear From DirecTV

Some DirecTV customers woke up on Sunday without Fox or the CW networks on their television sets, the result of a failed negotiation with Tribune Broadcasting, which owns or operates 23 television stations across the United States.


Tribune Says No DirecTV Deal Yet

DirecTV said in a statement on Saturday that it has accepted the financial terms that Tribune’s management offered it by telephone two days ago. A deal would allow DirecTV to carry Tribune’s 23 local broadcast stations so that customers would not lose their programming when the current agreement between the two companies expires. But Tribune came out with its own statement shortly after DirecTV’s on Saturday evening, saying that it has not reached a deal or come to terms with DirecTV on any aspect of the contract.


Tribune Threatens To Pull Plug On DirecTV

The current contract covering 16 TV markets and Tribune’s WGN America cable channel expires on March 31.


TWC Drops WKBW Buffalo Over Retrans

Time Warner Cable dropped ABC affiliate WKBW Buffalo, N.Y., from its system in Hornell, N.Y. The MSO already carries the feed for Elmira, N.Y.-based ABC affil WENY in Hornell, and said it refused demands from station owner Granite Broadcasting that it pay for duplicate broadcast channels.


LIN Threatens To Pull Stations Off Cox

LIN TV is warning Cox Communications subscribers in Florida and Rhode Island that they may lose the signals for stations affiliated with Fox, CBS and The CW on March 1 if a retransmission consent agreement isn’t worked out.


TWC Gives Away 21,000 Antennas In Texas

Time Warner Cable says it has handed out more 21,000 TV antennas to subscribers of its Corpus, Christi, Texas, system who have not been able to access the feed for NBC affiliate KRIS and three other stations as a result of a retransmission-consent dispute with Cordillera Communications.

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Corpus Christi TWC Subs To Miss Super Bowl

This Sunday’s Super Bowl on Cordillera Communications-owned KRIS Corpus Christi, Texas, will be not be available to the market’s customers of Time Warner Cable, the station’s website says: “As we have been anticipating for the last month, Super Bowl XLVI between the Patriots and the Giants won’t be seen by Time Warner subscribers on Time Warner Cable Television. We are now at 23 days since we sent our last counter offer to Time Warner,” said Tim Noble, president-GM of KRIS. “Time Warner refuses to send a counter proposal.”


WVUE New Orleans Off Dish Lineup

Dish subscribers lost the Fox affiliate starting at midnight on Tuesday, Jan. 31, when its previous retransmission consent agreement with the satellite provider expired.


Viewers Beware Of Retrans Grandstanding

We haven’t a clue as to which side in [the Sunbeam-DirecTV retrans] dispute had the better arguement, if any. But we know one thing: U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass should get off the political grandstand. Both were trying to score points last week with their calls for the FCC to, in effect, “do something” about the dispute. Like what, exactly? The FCC has no more business interfering in this contract tussle than it does when a cable carrier can’t agree on a contract with Fox, as happened last year.


DirecTV-Sunbeam Fight Unites House Dems

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (D-Mass.) and his House Democratic counterparts are pushing DirecTV and Sunbeam’s WHDH Boston to end a retransmission consent dispute that threatens to keep 200,000 Boston households from watching the Super Bowl.


WSVN To Air NFC Championship On DirecTV

Sunbeam said that despite not having a reached a retrans deal yet, it will let the satellite provider carry its Miami Fox affiliate’s coverage of the New York Giants-San Francisco 49ers game this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. as well as the pre-game show at 6 p.m., the post-game show, American Idol and a late edition of its local news that night.


WSVN Miami, DirecTV Still Slugging It Out

The scorched-earth financial battle between Sunbeam Television’s Fox affiliate and DirecTV continued Wednesday, with WSVN blacked out for a fifth straight day on the satellite provider, and no cease-fire in sight.

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New Talks In WSVN-DirecTV Retrans Dispute

The Sunbeam-owned Miami Fox affiliate and DirecTV negotiated directly Tuesday for the first time since the Fox affiliate cut its link to the satellite programming service at midnight Friday in a retransmission consent dispute.


Still No Deal Between DirecTV, Sunbeam

Football and showbiz fans in Boston and Miami took a hit Sunday as a carriage dispute between DirecTV and Sunbeam Television left subscribers unable to view the Packers-Giants NFL playoff game and then the Golden Globes broadcast by Sunbeam’s WHDH Boston and Fox affil WSVN Miami.


KRIS Files Retrans Complaint Against TWC

The Cordillera Communications-owned NBC affiliate in Corpus Christi, Texas, has asked the FCC to find that Time Warner Cable has negotiated in bad faith with it in its attempts to reach a new carriage agreement.


Sunbeam, DirecTV In Retrans Dispute

Fox affiliate WSVN Miami and NBC affil WHDH Boston could disappear from DirecTV satellite television dishes this weekend if a dispute over retransmission fees isn’t resolved. DirecTV said Wednesday that the stations’ owner, Sunbeam Television Corp., is threatening to pull their signals off the company’s dishes if a new agreement isn’t reached by Friday.


ACA Supports Shentel In Allbritton Dispute

American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka went public in support of Shenandoah Cable Television Co. (Shentel) in connection with a retransmission consent complaint filed last Thursday with the FCC by Allbritton Communications-owned WJLA, an ABC affiliate in Washington. Shentel filed its response Monday. “Based on the facts presented to the FCC, it’s […]