Retro TV’s Favorite Classic TV Commercials

DMA 41

Retro TV Returning To Oklahoma City On Oct. 17

Luken Communications-owned diginet Retro TV returns to Oklahoma City (DMA 41) on KOHC-CD, owned by Sunshine State Television Network, on Monday, Oct. 17.  Area viewers will be able to find the classic TV multicast network over-the-air on ch. 45.3. Jorge Rossi, president-CEO of Sunshine State Television Network, said: “Retro TV is a staple in the […]


KMBY Adds Retro TV And Rev’n Diginets

Luken Communications announced today a multi-network affiliation agreement with Cocola Broadcasting’s KMBY-LD Monterey, Calif. (DMA 124). KMBY launched Luken’s Retro TV and Rev’n multicast networks on Sept. 28. Area viewers can find Retro TV and Rev’n over the air on chs. 19.2 and 19.4, respectively. Kevin Mosesian, Cocola Broadcasting’s Corporate stations manager, said: “Cocola has enjoyed […]


Luken In Multi-Network Affiliation Deal With KSAO

Luken Communications today announced a multi-network affiliation agreement with Cocola Broadcasting’s KSAO-LD Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, Calif. (DMA 20). KSAO today launched Rev’n and Retro TV over-the-air on chs. 49.3 and 49.4, respectively. Kevin Mosesian, Cocola’s corporate stations manager, said: “Our team is proud to answer the local audience’s call and bring Retro TV back to Sacramento. Luken […]


Cocola’s KCBT-LD Adds Retro TV And Rev’n

Cocola Broadcasting’s KCBT-LD Bakersfield, Calif. (DMA 126) has added two Luken Communications’ diginets — Retro TV and Rev’n — to its lineup of multicast programming available on its subchannels. Retro TV’s classic TV programming airs over-the-air on ch. 34.11, while Rev’n, aimed at performance enthusiasts, is on 34.10. Gary Cocola, managing member of Cocola Broadcasting, […]

Rev’n Adds 17 Affils, Reaching 55M Homes

Luken Communications’ niche network about all things “revving” airs in 40 markets and on OTT platforms including Klowd TV. It’s newest original show, Rev’n News, offers viewers an in-depth look at the latest in parts, products, movers and shakers. 

DMAS 31 & 136

Luken Sells Rev’n, Retro TV in Kansas City, Topeka

Luken Communications and Heartland Broadcasting signed a multi-network deal that will bring Luken diginets Rev’n and Retro TV to WROB-LD and KMJC-LD Topeka, Kan. (DMA 136) as well as KCKS-LD Kansas City (DMA 31). Rev’n and Retro TV can now be found in the Kansas City and Topeka areas on chs. 25.7 and 25.9, respectively. […]

Retro TV Adds ‘The Barbara Stanwyck Show’

Luken Communications-owned diginet Retro TV is adding the Emmy Award-winning anthology series The Barbara Stanwyck Show to its lineup. The series, originally broadcast on NBC from 1960 to 1961, features a variety of standalone tales starring four-time Best Actress Oscar Nominee Barbara Stanwyck. The Barbara Stanwyck Show was Stanwyck’s first jump into television prior to […]

DMAS 8 & 17

Luken Signs Multi-Net Deals In D.C., Denver

WWTD Washington  and KHDT Denver are both adding Luken diginets Retro TV and Rev’n.

DMA 48

Retro TV Adds WQXT Jacksonville

Luken Communications-owned diginet Retro TV has added A1A TV’s WQXT Jacksonville, Fla. (DMA 48) to its station lineup. WQXT began broadcasting Retro TV on Jan. 9. Viewers in St. Augustine and Jacksonville will initially be able to find Retro TV over the air on ch. 22, but it will move to the new digital WQXT […]


WBXZ-LP In Multi-Net Affiliation Deal With Luken

Ritchie Broadcasting’s WBXZ-LP Buffalo, N.Y. (DMA 52), has signed a multi-network affiliation agreement with Luken Communications. WBXZ will begin broadcasting Luken’s Retro TV and Rev’n networks on Dec. 1. “The WBXZ audience is excited to see Retro TV come to Buffalo,” said Ritchie owner Steve Ritchie. “The fact that our viewers will see shows not available […]


KAXT-CD San Francisco Adds Retro TV

The classic TV diginet from Luken Communications will debut on ch. 1.2 on Oct. 15 in the Bay Area.


WMJN In Multi-Net Affiliation Deal With Luken

WMJN-LP Huntsville-Decatur-Florence, Ala. (DMA 79), has signed a multi-network affiliation agreement with Luken Communications. The station launched Luken’s The Heartland Network on Sept. 26 and plans to launch Retro TV within the next week. Heartland appears over-the-air on ch. 29.1 as well as on Charter ch. 7. Retro TV will be available over-the-air on ch. […]

DMA 33

Retro TV Adds KTMW In Salt Lake City

Luken Communications’ Retro TV signed its latest affiliate — KTMW Salt Lake City, Utah (DMA 33). KTMW, owned by Alpha & Omega Communications, launched the Retro TV diginets on Aug. 1 over-the-air on ch. 20.2. Dennis Ermel, general manager of KTMW says: “When looking for quality, family-friendly programming for our viewers, Retro TV was an obvious […]


Luken Signs Multi-Network Affiliation With KPHE

Luken Communications has entered into a multi-network affiliation agreement with Minds Gate Communications-owned KPHE-LD Phoenix (DMA 12). The station plans to launch Luken’s Retro TV and PBJ on Friday, Aug. 1, on . chs. 44.2 (Retro TV) and 44.4 (PBJ). Brian Jackson, President of Minds Gate Communications says, “We are extremely pleased to add Retro […]

Retro TV Adding ‘The Doctors’ To Lineup

Luken Communications is adding the classic soap opera The Doctors to its Retro TV diginet later this year. The Doctors ran on NBC for 19 years, spanned 5,280 episodes and won several Daytime Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series (1971, 1972 and 1974), Lead Actor (James Pritchett, 1978) and Lead Actress (Elizabeth Hubbard, 1974). Set […]

DMA 47

Retro TV Adds KYNM In Albuquerque-Santa Fe

Luken Communications diginet Retro TV has signed an affiliation agreement with KYNM Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NM (DMA 47). KYNM, owned and operated by Belmax Broadcasting, launched Retro TV on Tuesday, July 1, on over the air on ch. 30.3. Vickie Gonzales-Archiveque, president of Belmax Broadcasting says: “Amid countless channels available, not many are family friendly. We are […]


Luken Signs Multi-Network Affiliation With WLFG

Luken Communications today signed a multi-network affiliation agreement with independent WLFG Tri-Cities, Tenn.-Va. (DMA 97). WLFG, owned and operated by Living Faith Ministries, will begin broadcasting Luken’s Retro TV, PBJ and The Family Channel networks on July 1. They will be carried on chs. 68.2, 68.3 and 68.4, respectively “I’m glad to bring proven and […]


Classic TV Diginets Make The Old New Again

One of the staples of the multicasting universe are networks that offer programming from television and film’s past. While some of the early efforts haven’t survived, there are many that have and more slotted to launch. The diginet with the widest distribution, in fact, is Me-TV, the classic channel from Weigel Broadcasting. This is part 2 of a three-part special report. Read part 1 here.

Retro TV Adding Classic ‘Doctor Who’ To Lineup

Luken Communications announced today that’s it will be featuring classic episodes of the BBC science-fiction series Doctor Who to its lineup beginning this summer.  The series follows the adventures of the Doctor, a time lord who faces a variety of foes while travelling through time and space in the TARDIS, his iconic blue police box. […]

What’s Old Is New For Younger Viewers

Legions of young people are watching entire series of “retro” TV — shows that aired in the ’60s, the ’90s or even a few months ago. These older shows are seeing renewed popularity among a new generation of viewers, who learn about the shows via social media, because they feature well-known actors or directors, or are discovered simply by scrolling through Hulu or Netflix.

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