Analyst: Sinclair Still Faces Long Odds On DTC Regional Sports Streaming

Peacock Losing $3.56/Month On Each Of Its 21.5M Users: Analyst

While urging Comcast to get out of the video business altogether, LightShed Partners’ Richard Greenfield assembles a rather bleak snapshot for the conglomerate’s struggling streaming service.

Analyst: Virtual MVPD Biz Still ‘Broken’

Hulu Plus Live TV and YouTube TV now account for 10% of U.S. pay TV subscriptions, but LightShed Partners analyst Richard Greenfield there’s no gold left in the traditional bundle.


Analyst: WarnerMedia, NBCU Should Merge

“It is time for both AT&T and Comcast to abandon the fool’s gold of vertical integration of content and distribution and merge NBCUniversal with WarnerMedia,” LightShedPartners analyst Richard Greenfield argued last week. Will this vision actually become reality? “We doubt it,” he adds.

Netflix Closing In On Broacast Nets’ Viewing?

The streaming company probably averages 1.8 billion viewing hours per month domestically which is “within striking distance of the broadcast networks,” BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield says today based on some new data from Netflix and his own back-of-the-envelope calculations.

Analyst Sees Potential for Spin-Off Of Liberty Starz


The Case For Holding On To Hulu

As the owners of Hulu prepare to receive initial bids today, at least one Wall Street analyst argues that it would be “a mistake of epic proportions” to dispose of the Internet television pioneer just as the service is gaining momentum.