CES 2016

YouTube’s Kyncl: TV’s Dying, But Not TV Nets

The online video site’s chief business officer, Robert Kyncl, says his dire prediction of TV’s demise is less focused on who makes the content but how it’s delivered. “When I say that 75% of all video will be transmitted through the Internet, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s video made for the Internet,” he said. “It will also be content from ABC, NBC — people who have honed their craft.”

YouTube Plans More Original Channels

YouTube’s $100 million investment in new premium “channels”? Consider it a down payment. YouTube content chief Robert Kyncl says it’s only the beginning of Google’s plan to back original content and the center of a long-term strategy to build the next generation of entertainment brands and an ecosystem that allows them to become profitable businesses.

CES 2012

YouTube Betting Big On Web Video

In the next decade, 75% of all channels will be born on the Internet. That’s the bold prediction of the day from Robert Kyncl, the head of global partnerships for YouTube. In a speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Kyncl said the Web is poised to become the premium channel for entertainment distribution within the next decade.