Remembering The Time Long Ago When Journalism Actually Meant Something

Adam Buckman: “Robert MacNeil, who died last week at age 93, may have been the last of his generation of broadcast journalists who set standards for quality and reliability that one could argue have largely disappeared. In an era before 24-hour, all-news, all-blathering cable news, and instant news of 280 characters or less on social media, the MacNeil/Lehrer newscasts stood at the pinnacle of TV news for their ethics, accuracy and credibility.” (Stephen Chernin/AP)

Robert MacNeil, Creator And First Anchor Of PBS ‘Newshour’ Nightly Newscast, Dies

MacNeil first gained prominence for his coverage of the Senate Watergate hearings for the Public Broadcasting Service and began his half-hour Robert MacNeil Report on PBS in 1975 with his friend Lehrer as Washington correspondent. The broadcast became the MacNeil-Lehrer Report and then, in 1983, was expanded to an hour and renamed the MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour. The nation’s first one-hour evening news broadcast, it was the recipient of multiple Emmy and Peabody awards. He was 93.

MacNeil And Lehrer Reunited On MSNBC

‘NewsHour’ Ex-Anchors To Cede Ownership

Jim Lehrer and Robert MacNeil say they are talking with the Washington public television station WETA, PBS NewsHour’s co-producer, about taking over ownership of the show.

MacNeil Returns To ‘NewsHour’ For Autism Series