Dish Ruling Includes 20-Year Injunction

In addition to having to pay a $280 million fine for robocalls, a federal judge’s Monday decision also includes a 20-year permanent injunction that could severely limit the company’s ability to market its services by telephone in the future. And since the injunction applies to the company, not just Dish Network’s DBS service, it could seriously restrict Dish Network from selling other services—such as its Sling TV on-line offering, its cell phone repair service, and the installation of off-air TV antennas— using traditional telemarketing methods.

Dish Hit With $280M In Fines For Robocalls

A federal judge in Illinois on Monday ordered Dish Network to pay $280 million in penalties to the U.S. government and four states in an eight-year-old “robocall” telemarketing lawsuit. In what may be the largest ever monetary judgment in a robocall case, U.S. District Judge Sue Myerscough required Dish to pay $168 million to the U.S. government and $112 million to North Carolina, California, Ohio and Illinois over what the judge said were “millions and millions” of calls.

Dish Could Face Billions In Lawsuit Penalties

The Justice Department and the attorneys general of Illinois, California, Ohio and North Carolina are suing Dish Network for over-doing robocalls. In a case that began in 2009, they accuse Dish of violating the national “Do Not Call” registry more than 50 million times. The case heads back to court in Illinois next week.