Rolling Stone And Variety Announce Truth Seekers Programming And Special Issue

Penske And Min Find ‘Resolution’ Over Key Editorial Hire

Three News Orgs Beat Joe Arpaio Libel Lawsuit

CNN, HuffPost and Rolling Stone incorrectly said Joe Arpaio was an ex-felon, but U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth won’t fault Chris Cuomo’s “mistake in legal nomenclature” and rejects the controversial sheriff’s bid to establish actual malice from “leftist” bias.

Penske Media Buys Remaining Shares Of ‘Rolling Stone’

PMC Buys Rolling Stone In $100M Deal

PMC chief Jay Penske has closed a $100 million deal to acquire a controlling interest in Wenner Media, the parent company of the venerable rock music bible Rolling Stone. Jann Wenner, who founded the magazine in 1967 with Ralph Gleason in San Francisco, will still be involved and will take the role of editorial director. His son, Gus Wenner, will continue as president-COO. PMC also owns Deadline Hollywood, Variety, WWD, IndieWire and The Robb Report.

Rolling Stone Magazine On Sales Block


What R-TV Can Learn From Rolling Stone

At the end of last week, the press reported on the jury verdict finding Rolling Stone magazine to be liable for defamation for its story, later retracted, about a gang rape at the University of Virginia. While this decision may well be appealed, it nevertheless is a finding of which broadcasters and other media companies need to take note, as it demonstrates that a sloppy review of the facts of a news report can lead to liability — even when reporting on public figures and important issues of wide public concern.

TNT And TBS Think Big For A Rolling Stone Issue