Why This Ben Smith And Ronan Farrow Story Matters

Matt Laurer Op-Ed Blasts Ronan Farrow

The former Today host prefaces his piece at Mediaite: “I had originally intended to release this in November of 2019, but personal considerations at that time, and later news events impacting us all, delayed those plans. This week The New York Times published a piece that was highly critical of Ronan Farrow’s journalistic methods and standards. Ronan stood by his reporting in response. The Times story prompted me to move forward with my own findings.”

Ronan Farrow, HBO Team For Doc About Threats Against Journalists

Ronan Farrow Apologizes For Comments About Fox News

Bret Baier To Interview Ronan Farrow Today

NBC News Prez Hits Back At Farrow Book

“There is no evidence of any reports of [Matt] Lauer’s misconduct before his firing, no settlements, no ‘hush money,’ ” says Noah Oppenheim in a lengthy and detailed staff memo ahead of Tuesday’s release of Catch and Kill.


Ronan Farrow’s Producer On How NBC Killed Weinstein Story

Beyond Matt Lauer: 5 Surprising Revelations In Ronan Farrow’s Book ‘Catch And Kill’

Farrow Book Alleges Lauer Raped Colleague

Ronan Farrow’s new book Catch and Kill recounts his investigation of Harvey Weinstein; the hurdles his then-employer NBC News put in his way that caused him to publish the story in The New Yorker instead; and how Weinstein hired an investigative firm to stop him. But Farrow’s most explosive interview in the book is with Brooke Nevils, the former NBC News employee whose complaint about Matt Lauer led to the co-anchor’s firing from Today in 2017.

Ronan Farrow Says National Enquirer Also Threatened Him

Farrow: NBC Misleading In Explanation Of Story

Ronan Farrow tweeted that NBC News Chairman Andy Lack’s statement contained several false and misleading statements — in particular Lack’s claim that Farrow had no women ready to publicly identify themselves with their accusations against Harvey Weinstein.

NBC Defends Handling Of Weinstein Story

Andy Lack, NBC’s news chairman, has sent an exhaustive defense of the network’s handling of Ronan Farrow’s investigation of Weinstein to his staff members, saying any speculation that the disgraced Hollywood mogul had any role in the network’s rejection of the story was baseless. NBC’s decision not to air a story became an embarrassment, and returned to the news last week when Farrow’s former producer publicly criticized the network.

NBC News Pushes Back On Farrow Charges

In a statement released late Thursday night, NBC said any assertion that it tried to kill Farrow’s story while he worked on it at NBC News or after he left was “an outright lie.”

NBC Said To Have Impeded Farrow Reporting

How Ronan Farrow Keeps Landing Bombshells

Ronan Farrow Inks Deal With HBO

NBC News Chief Explains Weinstein Backstory

At a previously-scheduled town hall meeting for NBC News staffers today, news president Noah Oppenheim said that NBC didn’t feel the Harvey Weinstein story as presented by Ronan Farrow this summer had all the elements needed for airing. He said the notion that NBC would try to cover for a powerful person was deeply offensive.

Why Did NBC Hold Off On Weinstein Story?

Ronan Farrow began working on his blockbuster New Yorker story documenting decades of sexual harassment and sexual abuse allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein last December. All of that reporting was for NBC News.

Ronan Farrow Joins MSNBC As Host

NEW YORK (AP) — A book deal, tabloid attention and now a new television show – it’s a busy time in the public eye for 25-year-old Ronan Farrow. MSNBC announced Wednesday that it had hired Mia Farrow’s son, a human rights activist and former Rhodes scholar, to host a weekday program on the left-leaning cable […]