Speculation Grows Over Trump FCC Pick

President Trump must fill two vacant seats on the FCC, an important decision that could set the tone for his administration’s policies on tech companies. FCC watchers believe the Democratic spot will likely be filled by former Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel. For the Republican seat, Trump has not yet tipped his hand, but there is growing speculation over who could be on his shortlist. Among them: Michelle Connolly, Patricia Paoletta, Roslyn Layton and Ben Moncrief.

Connolly, Layton May Top FCC Short List

Telecom industry insiders waiting for President Donald Trump to name a third GOP member of the FCC are focused on two possible contenders. Industry officials and telecom attorneys are pointing to Duke University economics professor Michelle Connolly and American Enterprise Institute scholar Roslyn Layton as likely candidates for the post.

Trump Taps 3rd Economist For FCC Transition

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team on Tuesday named a third economist to the transition team overseeing the FCC. Roslyn Layton, who was born in Pittsburgh, is currently a. fellow at Denmark’s Aalborg University, according to her website. She joins two other economists on the FCC transition team: Jeffrey Eisenach and Mark A. Jamison. All three are affiliated with the American Enterprise Institute’s Center for Internet, Communications and Technology Policy.