Perspective On The Health Of Local News

Reports of the death of local journalism are greatly exaggerated, says RTDNA’s Dan Shelley. “I tend to view what’s happening now just as part of another cyclical shift in the business of journalism. We have seen this movie before. Waves of deregulation or other kinds of sea change have happened in the past, and journalism has adapted. While the previous waves did produce adjustments — which some skeptics and cynics still deride at every opportunity — the industry did, in fact, evolve. And guess what? The public is still being served well by the Fourth Estate.”

State-By-State Guide To Cameras In Courts

Changes in court rules can come slowly, but RTDNA continues to urge access at all levels.

RTDNF Offers Guide For Incoming News Directors

RTDNA Presents National Murrow Awards

Winners from across the country received their awards at Gotham Hall in New York City. RTDNA awarded 122 national Edward R. Murrow Awards in 15 categories.

RTDNA: Ignore Trump On News Investigation

The RTDNA Voice of the First Amendment Task Force is calling on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee to ignore a tweet from President Trump seeking an investigation into what he called “Fake News Networks.”

The Price Of Being A Journalist Today

So far this year, according to the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker at least 23 journalists have been arrested merely for trying to do their jobs. More troubling, criminal charges are still pending for more than half of them; at least 12, to be precise.

Journos, Learn About Your Reporting Rights

Shelley Begins Duties As RTDNA/F Ex. Dir.

Longtime RTDNA member and former chairman of the board Dan Shelley officially assumed his duties as executive director of the association and its foundation this morning. Shelley has served as incoming executive director of the two organizations since April.

RTDNA Presents Kaleidoscope Awards At EIJ17

Ten Elected To RTDNA Board Of Directors

Excellence in Journalism 2017 Opens In Anaheim

Interns Can Do More Than Fetch Coffee

RTDNA Supports Journalists In Charlottesville

The RTDNA Voice of the First Amendment Task Force is offering support to journalists in Charlottesville, Va., who may have been arrested while covering Saturday’s protests involving alt-right nationalist organizations and groups opposing them.

RTDNA/NEFE Personal Finance Award Winners

RTDNA Board Elections Now Open

New Site Tracks Press Freedom Violations In U.S.

Program Links Newsrooms With Minority Journos

Capitol Police Force Journos To Delete Files

The RTDNA Voice of the First Amendment Task Force today expressed concern regarding actions taken Tuesday by the U.S. Senate Sergeant-at-Arms and U.S. Capitol Police officers to prevent journalists from taking photos or videos of officers arresting protesters outside the Senate chamber.

Commerce Urged To Hold Media Hearing

RTDNA is joining the Society of Professional Journalists and a score of other journalism groups, urging the Senate Commerce Committee to hold a hearing on the state of media in the United States. The groups say an informed public is crucial to democracy and they want to work together to ensure the public has an informed opinion of the press and its role.

RTDNA Opens New Member Portal

“Our new portal gives our members access to exclusive members-only content, job postings, a directory to find and reach out to other members and much more,” said RTDNA Executive Director Mike Cavender. “It’s a new way to keep members connected to their Association and to each other.”

Resistance To Change In TV Newsrooms

Twelve newsroom leaders took part in a recent study on emotional resistance to organizational change in local television newsrooms. They were interviewed to better understand how leaders perceived, responded to, and countered emotional resistance to change. Here are the results.

Some Flagrant Acts Of ‘Responsible Journalism’

RTDNA Backs Station’s Fight To Air Testimony

The news group is backing WPTA Fort Wayne, Ind., in its effort to reverse a court ruling barring it from airing audio of the sentencing hearing of a doctor who pleaded guilty to sexual battery. The Quincy Media station legally obtained the recording through an open records request.

Cavender: More Media Contempt From Trump

President Trump’s contempt for the news media was again glaringly on display when he chose not to hold a news conference at the conclusion of the G-20 summit in Hamburg. But the impact of his decision goes far beyond simply demonstrating a lack of concern for informing the American people.

RTDNA To FCC: Nix Telephone Broadcast Rule

The rule, which requires reporters at TV and radio station to tell sources on the phone that they intend to broadcast the call, singles out broadcasters. Journalists at no other media outlets, such as newspapers, magazines or digital outlets have this requirement, the RTDNA tells the agency.

Alternative Roads To Electronic Journalism


Minority Workforce In TV News Is Up, But …

The latest RTDNA-Hofstra University Annual Survey finds the minority workforce in TV news rose to 24.4%. That’s up more than a full point from a year ago… and is the second highest level ever in TV news. The minority workforce at non-Hispanic TV stations rose to the highest level ever. However, the bigger picture remains unchanged. In the last 27 years, the minority population in the U.S. has risen 12.1 points; but the minority workforce in TV news is up just over half that at 6.6.

Jake Tapper Wins RTDNA’s Hogan Award

CNN’s Jake Tapper will receive the 2017 John F. Hogan Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes an individual’s contributions to the journalism profession and freedom of the press.

Deadline Looms For RTDNF Scholarships


FL Prosecutor Sues Station For ‘Hurt Feelings’

Waterman Broadcasting’s NBC affiliate WBBH Fort Myers, Fla., is being sued for defamation, along with two of its anchors and one of its reporters, by State Attorney Stephen Russell after an investigative report that aired in November left Russell, according to his lawsuit, with “hurt feelings.”

NBC’s Holt Is RTDNA’s Paul White Winner

The anchor of NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt will be honored for a lifetime of achievement and service to the profession of electronic journalism at the Excellence in Journalism 2017 conference on Sept. 8.

Station News Efforts Win National Murrows

Stations across the country are recognized by the Radio Television Digital News Association for outstanding journalism. Among the many winners are KXAS Dallas and WWBT Richmond, Va., for overall excellence in large market and small market television, respectively.


RTDNA Objects To Arrest Of Minn. Reporters

RTDNA Announces 2017 Kaleidoscope Awards

RTDNA Asks Police To Protect CA Journo

RTDNA has joined the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and several other media organizations in calling on police in Willows, Calif., to protect a local newspaper editor and reporter who has received death threats during the past two months.

RTDNA Concerned Over Gianforte Sentencing

RTNDA’s Voice of the First Amendment Task Force expressed concern Monday about the safety of journalists in the U.S., following the guilty plea and light sentence for Rep.-Elect Greg Gianforte in a misdemeanor assault case, which charged him with physically attacking a reporter last month.

RTDNA Board Seeks Comment On Bylaw Change

Former RTDNA President Tom Frawley Dies

RTDNA Announces 2017 Student Murrow Awards


RTDNA: More News But Fewer Newsrooms

The number of TV stations originating local news accelerated its generally steady slide … dropping nine from last year. The latest RTDNA/Hofstra University Survey shows the number of TV stations originating local news is down to 705 from last year’s 714. There were 717 two years ago. Those 705 TV stations run news on those and another 357 stations. The latter number is another new, all-time high – up 18 from last year’s 339. That total keeps going up, but it’s doing so because a smaller number of newsrooms are running news on more and more outlets.