Ryan Seacrest Prods. Inks Scripted Deal With CBS

Ryan Seacrest Prods. Taps Young As President

Ryan Seacrest Prods. CEO Adam Sher Leaving

Wass To Run Scripted For Ryan Seacrest Prods.

Ryan Seacrest Productions Adds Executives

Mullens Leaves 42West For Ryan Seacrest Prods.

Clear Channel To Invest In Seacrest Company

The radio conglomerate is expected today to announce its acquisition of a minority stake in American Idol host Ryan Seacrest’s TV and film production company, financing future growth and allowing for new collaborations between the two. The investment in Seacrest — who will remain the main owner of Ryan Seacrest Productions — comes weeks after Clear Channel Radio renamed itself Clear Channel Media and Entertainment to promote its move into other media, including television.