Sinclair, Saankhya Developing Off-Load Platform

The platform will enable 4G and 5G wireless operators to offload OTT and live content on to the  “one-to-many” broadcast Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT) networks that broadcasting are building with ATSC 3.0.


Broadcasters To Unveil 3.0 Rollout In 30+ Markets

Spectrum Co. and Pearl TV are expected to jointly announce ATSC 3.0 launches involving some 150 stations in 30 markets during next week’s gathering in Las Vegas. Their goal is to build a national footprint that will let broadcasters better compete with wireless companies and OTT providers while spurring the development of 3.0-ready TV sets and other consumer devices.

Saankhya Is Working To Make Mobile TV Possible

Live TV on a mobile device is already possible today through several subscription services. But free over-the-air TV delivered via an IP network to a mobile device could be a more ubiquitous reality soon, and Saankhya Labs is a key company working toward making that a reality.

CES 2019

Advanced 3.0 Chip Launched For Mobile, Broadcast

Sinclair’s ONE Media and Saankhya Labs introduce the “world’s most advanced” multi-standard demodulator system-on-a-chip in Las Vegas.


Sinclair Promises 3.0 Mobile Chips In January

The $3 “software defined radio” chips, developed by Saankhya Labs, an India-based company in which Sinclair’s ONE Media has a financial stake, will allow mobile devices like smartphones to receive ATSC 3.0. The challenge will be to get the chips in phones. There is no law or FCC rule requiring makers of mobile devices to include 3.0 chips, and, thus far, wireless companies have turned a cold shoulder to proposals to include broadcast receiver chips in the smartphones they control.


Sinclair Free Chips Offer Key To Mobile Future

Last week, Sinclair Broadcast Group VP of advanced technology, Mark Aitken, announced at the annual Advanced Television Systems Committee meeting that the station group will give 1 million ATSC 3.0 receiver chips to each mobile phone maker that promises to put them in devices sold in the United States. The offer demonstrates the group’s commitment to moving TV forward.


ONE Media Inks Deal For 3.0 Mobile Chipset

ONE Media 3.0, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, today entered into an agreement with Indian chip maker Saankhya Labs to develop ATSC 3.0 chipsets to power consumer devices capable of receiving next-gen TV.