Ex-Tribune Execs Reach $200M LBO Settlement

Real estate billionaire Sam Zell and other former officers and directors of Tribune Co. have reached a $200 million settlement resolving allegations of fraudulent transactions related to the media company’s disastrous 2007 leveraged buyout.

How Zell Is Sinking Tribune A Second Time

The billionaire left a nasty tax mess behind for Tribune, which recently exited Chapter 11 proceedings.

IRS Goes After Trib For Cubs, Newsday Sales

The IRS and local tax authorities are likely seek more than half a billion dollars from Tribune Co. in regard to the sales of the Chicago Cubs baseball team and Long Island, N.Y., newspaper Newsday under former CEO Sam Zell.


The Story Behind Tribune’s Broken Deal

At the end of 2007, real estate tycoon Sam Zell took control of Tribune Co. in a deal that promised to re-energize the media conglomerate. But the company struggled under the huge debt burden the deal created, and less than a year later, it filed for bankruptcy. In the first of a four-part series, the Chicago Tribune examines what happened to one of Chicago’s most iconic companies. Tribune subscribers can read the story here.

Zell Wants Part Of Any Tribune Suit Winnings

Billionaire Sam Zell is demanding a share of any money retirees and other creditors may win in lawsuits or legal settlements over the 2007 leveraged buyout he engineered of Tribune Co.

Zell Sues Former Tribune Shareholders Over $225M

Tribune Bankruptcy Twist Could Benefit Zell

A judge’s finding last week for holders of certain notes could support recovery claims of the company chairman.

Eddy Hartenstein Named CEO Of Tribune Co.

The one-time CEO of DirecTV who has been publisher of Tribune’s Los Angeles Times since August 2008 will attempt to lead the beleagured company out of bankruptcy as president and CEO.

Tribune Creditors Level More Zell Charges

Sam Zell intentionally crippled Tribune Co. and the media giant’s banker, Morgan Stanley, unjustly profited from the caper, creditors of the crippled Chicago company charged in a no-holds-barred lawsuit.

Feds Probe ’07 Tribune Employee Stock Plan

Federal authorities are taking a closer look at the stock transfer at the heart of billionaire Sam Zell’s disastrous leveraged buyout of Tribune Co., after a U.S. District Court last week determined a portion of the 2007 deal was a “prohibited transaction” under federal law.

Zell Resigns As Tribune Chairman

Sam Zell, the billionaire real estate mogul who engineered the disastrous 2007 buyout of Tribune Co., said he will resign his position as chairman shortly after the company exits bankruptcy.

Tribune Creditors Allege Fraud, File Suit

A group of creditors in the Tribune Co. bankruptcy case is suing virtually all the key principals involved in the company’s $8.2 billion buyout, alleging that greed and misconduct of the media company’s lenders, advisers and own leaders led to its financial downfall.